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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria


Abla is a thousand-year-old and picturesque village of Almería, having 1.519 inhabitants, with an average annual rainfall of 331 mm, and a municipality of 45,9 sq km, located at the northwest of the province, in the upper course of the river Nacimiento, and belonging to its region.

The village is situated on the south slope of one of the foothills of Sierra Nevada, with an altitude of 862 m., praised by the wide valley surrounded by two mountain chains, the mountain range of  Baza-Filabres on the north , and  Sierra Nevada on the south.

Access to the village through the natural corridor which integrates the A-92 highway, that links Guadix to Almeria, being 60 km from Almeria, 45 km from Guadix and 100 km from Granada.

Abla Monuments

The Roman mausoleum

Avitiano’s Pedestal

Shield of Weapon of D. Alonso Bazán Hacén

Hermitage Santos Mártires

Parochial church

Bajorelieve of the Parochial Temple

San Antón’s hermitage

Abla Roman Mausoleum

Gastronomy in Abla

Cold Cuts. Fritada alpujarreña (fried vegetables & meat or fish). Choto  al ajo cabañil (Garlic marinated Calf)  . Cocina marea (“Dizzy food”). Onioned pork liver. Tabirnas colorás (potato stew with red peppers, onion and garlics).

How to get there

Exit Almeria. Take: Rambla From Bethlehem. At the roundabout, take exit 1 and follow: E-15 / A-7 direction: Murcia-Granada-Almería round. Take the exit: Exit 453-Viator-Military Base-The Legion Guadix-Granada. At the roundabout, take Exit 4 and continue at A-92. Take the exit: Exit 341. Abla. Reach Abla.

Distances from Abla

Berja 65 km
Adra 81 km
Níjar 84 km
Almería 62 km
El Ejido 83 km
Granada 95 km
Exfiliana 37 km
Córdoba 242 km
Abrucena 3,5 km
Aguadulce 80 km
Hernan Valle 56 km
Alhama de Almería 44 km

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