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Monuments in Cádiz

Algeciras Santo Cristo de la Alameda Chapel

Monuments in Cádiz

Santo Cristo de la Alameda Chapel

The Santo Cristo de la Alameda Chapel was built in 1776, this small chapel enjoyed during the time of great popularity, especially among seafarers, taking the popular name of “Alameda”, current street Cayetano del Toro. During the famous siegres of Gibraltar is said to became a place of worship of sailors and admiral Barceló was a faithfull regural of this.

It consists of origin in a small chapel dedicated to the Santo Cristo de la Piedad and the Virgen de los Dolores and San Juan.

Emphasizes its facade formally defined as Neoclassical, although it survive some decorative elements of Baroque.

This chapel was sacked when the events of 1931, becoming not ope to the cult.

In the eighties it became a workshop and later was abandoned. In 2001 the Algeciras City Council decided to rebuild the chapel and become today as a Sacred Art Section of the Municipal Museum of the city.

Santo Cristo de la Alameda Chapel

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