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Monuments in Sevilla

Arahal – Church of Our Lady of Victory

Monuments in Sevilla

Church Nuestra Señora de la Victoria

The Church of Our Lady of Victory is located in the monumental village of Arahal, in Victoria St., just few minutes from other important religious monuments as the San Roque Church, the Convent of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Santo Cristo de la Misericordia Church.

Built on the site of a former hermitage dedicated to St. Sebastian, this stone, mansonry and adobe building is rectangular in shape and divided into three naves, separated by round arches that are suported by rectangualr pillars. The central nave possesses a magnifificent roof in the Mudejar style.

Inside there are also five canvases with scenes from the life of St. Francis of Paola.

The main altarpiece is bas-relief in the baroque style, divided into three vertical sections by thin estipite columns. In the central section is an image of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the candelero (candlestick) style – wich means that the image is only carved from the waist up and supported on props, covered by her dress.

In the presbytery there are two large baroque paintings dedicated to the martyrs St. John and St. Sebastian.

Church of Our Lady of Victory in Arahal

Church of Our Lady of Victory


arahal-iglesia-de-nuestra-senora-de-la-victoria-retablo Church of Our Lady of Victory

Church of Our Lady of Victory Bell Tower

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