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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Baza, Altiplano of Granada

Baza is located to the north of Granada, in the area known as the Altiplano de Granada. Baza is in a natural hollow surrounded by several mountain rages (Sierra de Baza, Sierra de castril…) and it is the regional main city. Baza is 844 metres above sea level. The mountain (12 kilometres away) is seeing like a huge tower that reigned over the city. The provincial capital is 97 kilometres away.

In Baza there were found many archaeological remains belonging to Prehistory.

In the IV century B.C, here was established the Iberian village called Bastetanos, who were the founders of the village called Basti (the origin of the present Baza) one of the oldest in the peninsula, and that named to a extended region: La Bastetania. From this historic period we can observe some archaeological finds such as Dama de Baza and the Torso de Guerrero.

The Carthaginian general called Amílcar, according to the story told by Tito Livio, died escaping towards Basti when he was defeated by the Spanish leader Orisón in 230 B.C.

Baza was an important village of the Roman Spain, and played an important role in the trade and exchange of goods between the east coast and the inland.

It also was an important population centre in the Arab-Andalusí period, which started in the year 713. In the first half of the XIII century, the Arab leader Ibn al-Alhamar, lord of Arjona, conquests the villages of Jaén, Baza (1234) and Guadix, being declared king, which will provoke, five years later, the creation of the nazarita kingdom in Granada.

Baza would be seized by Christians in 1325, being recovered by Abu Valid several years later. We can suppose by the Chronicles that Arabs tested the use of the artillery in the siege of the square, maybe for the first time in Europe.

After six months of siege and several attempts of help of El Zagal, in December of 1489 Baza will surrender to the Catholic Monarchs. Its defender, Cid Hiaya, will be baptize in the royal shop of the Catholic Monarchs taking the name of D. Pedro de Granada, fighting with Christian forces in later military operations.

The later Christianize of the village meant the expulsion of Moorish and the end of the coexistence of three cultures, Moslem, Catholic and Jewish, which had been a constant feature in history during eight centuries Alandalus.

There is information to suppose that in 1604 Miguel de Cervantes was in Baza such as Executor Magistrate of the Royal Estate.


Alcazaba remains; dates from the XII century. It offers the visitor wonderful outlooks of Baza.

Arab Baths of the Judería, X century.

Collegiate Church Concatedral de la Piedad (XVI century), Gothic style, the front is from Diego de Siloé. It has inside a spectacular coffered ceiling.

Monastery of San Jerónimo founded by Enrique Enríquez in 1502.

Parish Church of San Juan, XVI century, mix of Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Palace of Enríquez (XVI-XVII centuries).

Cloister of Santo Domingo.

Church of Santiago with a Mudejar style built in XVI century and reformed during the XVII century.

Archaeological Sites

Archaeological complex of the hollow in Baza (Hill of the Sanctuary of the three Pagos).
Bath of the Judería.

Town Planning

Fountain of the Caños Dorados.
Barrio de las Cuevas.

Colección de la Colegiata.


Baza emphasizes because of its dishes with high calories, between them we can mention the “oatmeal porridges flat cakes”, the “gurupina” (cooked with flour, cod, potatoes, dry pepper, onion and mushrooms of poplar or “milk caps” from the area), the “testuz” (with boiled dry beans, white beans pork fat, blood sausage, careta, ear of pig, potatoes, garlic, dry pepper and tomato), and the “gurullos” with partridge or hare. Because it is a continental climate, the quality of its sausages and hams is excellent, and in confectionery we can emphasize the “bienmesabe” and the Christmas sweets.

How to get there

Baza is located in the Motorway A92 North (old road N-342) which links Granada and Murcia. The Motorway A92 towards Granada – Baza offers three exits: the first one (km 333) showing Zújar and Pozo Alcón, the second one (Centre), when you arrive to the intersection with the road of Benamaurel and, the third one (Baza east) which gives access to the regional Hospital.


To Granada 97 km
To Hernán Valle 56 km
To Caniles 8,5 km
To Benalúa de Guadix 50 km
To Gor 27 km
To Zújar 12 km

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