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Villages in Granada

Beas de Granada

Villages in Granada

Beas de Granada, Vega de Granada

Beas de Granada is an Andalusian town found in the eastern region of the Vega de Granada (Granada province), southeastern Spain. It borders the municipalities of Huétor Santillán , Quéntar , Dudar and Granada. The rivers Darro and Tocon flow through the municipality.

The name Beas de Granada comes from Latin, through Arabic, meaning path or way.

The first reference we have to Beas dates back to Imperial Rome, when the town was apparently used as a kind of post-house or a place of supply and rest, located at a crossroads, hence the first name was Via-Ax or Guadi-Ax (Guadix).

During the Arab times Beas was a large farmhouse residence for twenty or so families who settled around a castle, of which nothing remains today. The main crop of the time was to feed the mulberry silkworm to supply silk to Granada.

After the Reconquista heavy taxes were imposed on the Moors, which led to serious unrest in the population, during the rebellion which followed the recently constructed church was destroyed, the Moors were expelled leaving only thirteen people in the village, and it was repopulated with settlers from Castile, Leon, Asturias and Galicia as was practically the whole province of Granada.


Iglesia de la Inmaculada  (Church)

Beas de Granada Gastronomy

Abundant water from the rivers the river Darro and Huétor Santillan provide for rich orchards and beds of excellent tomatoes and peppers. There are also fields dedicated to cereal crops and olive cultivation, which produce an oily fruit. The roads of the area have many picnic areas, some of which have become known for the sale of locally produced, and very tasty, sausages and stews. There are also many good restaurants in the area.
Local wine tasting is a must, much wine is produced for home consumption, but towards the end of the year the wine tasting is commonplace, even rival producers are welcome!  The area is rich in mushrooms, here is a local recipe:
Ribs with mushrooms: 1 kg of pork ribs, oyster mushrooms, 2 onions, garlic and laurel. 1 litre of Beas wine, extra virgin olive oil, salt pepper and thyme. Preparation: Marinate the ribs with garlic, onion, bay leaf, thyme and wine. Saute mushrooms with garlic and onion. Drain the meat after 3 hours and sauté until browned, cover with wine and bring to the boil, simmer for a short time, add the sautéed mushrooms and garlic and serve.


Exit Granada direction Armilla Motril ( E-902 / A-44 ). Pass near Maracena Peligros and  Albolote. Follow signs to exit 118 – A-92-Murcia, Malaga, Sevilla-N-432-Cordoba and Airport. Continue towards Guadix, Almeria-Murcia. Continue along: A-92 and take Exit 256 – Huétor Santillan-Beas de Granada.

Distances from Beas de Granada

Alfacar 11km
Viznar 10 km
Peligros 21km
Granada 18 km
Huétor Santillán 4.5 km
Alquería de Fargue 10 km

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