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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Canjáyar – Medio Andarax Valley

Canjáyar is a town located in the Valle Medio del Andarax, at the foot of Sierra Nevada and in front of La Sierra de Gádor, in a landscape transition between the low part of the mountain range and in the area around the town full of gardens of vineyards, vegetables and olive trees; and what from there you can make out, the dessert, characteristic of the centre of the province. It is included in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, one of the natural paradises of the community due to its landscape, botanical, faunistic and anthropological riches.

Canjáyar limits with Padules y Beires, Dalías, Felix, Instinción, Rágol, Alboloduy, Doña María, Ocaña and Ohanes.

The town has some characteristics of its Moorish origin, such as the layout of its streets and staggered houses in the hillside like the Parish Church.

The history of Canjáyar goes back to the Copper Age. In the Cueva de Nieles, in the past century, there were found the prehistoric remains that belong this time. There were also traces of Roman exploitations contributing information that allow reaffirming its presence in Canjáyar.

The Arab geographer AI-Idrisi is the first person who mentions this town, when in the X century mentions Qansayar, having a defensive fortress. Later, in the XIV and XV centuries, Canjáyar is located in La Taha de Lúchar, enjoying a prosperous economy benefited by its water possibilities. The agricattle-riser exploitations will base on the basis of the economy, until the lead mining, at the end of the XVIII century, consolidates like solid resources of the municipality. But it will not be until 1.835 when it takes place the economic awakening of the town with the introduction of the farming of the dessert grape and, above all, from the founding of the bank Exaltación de la Santa Cruz, that would allow extend the irrigated land.
In the XIX century starts the farming of the uva de Ohanes that will result in an important development. The constant crisis at the end of the XX century, will have the permanent closure of the American market in 1.924 for the exploitation of the uva de Ohanes. This fact will cause a crisis that will dog until nowadays. The agriculture will diversify the farming and replacing the vineyard by another variety: cereals, olive tree, fruit trees.

Canjáyar Monuments

Church of Santa Cruz, XVI century.
The tradition says that in 1611 the sacristan saw during three nights a procession of angels from the high altar to the baptistery. It was excavates in the place and the cross was found. It is a reliquary star with some cells where there are relics of the Santos Lugares de Palestina.

Hermitage of San Blas, XIX century.

Archaeological Sites

Caves of Nieles.
Iberian-Roman origin with inscriptions, human skeletons and crucibles for the smelting of metals.

Town Planning

Cuevas vivienda
Cerro, Barrio de San Blas.

Urban area.

Area of La Alcora.

Canjáyar Gastronomy

Potaje de hinojos. Potaje de trigo pelado. Fritada de conejo. Tortilla de collejas.
Sweets: Gurullos. Merengues. Soplillos. Pan dormido. Pan de mosto.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería towards Huércal de Almería, cross this town and continue in the road 340. Follow towards: Almería – E-15 – N-340 – Nijar – Murcia. In the roundabout, take the salida 1 and continue in: A-92A towards: A-92 – Benahadux – Guadix. Continue in: A-92A, follow the signs until Benahadux. Then continue in: A-348. Cross Alhama de Almería and continue until Illar, from here follow the signs until you get Canjáyar.

Distances from Canjáyar

Illar 11 km
Gádor 28 km
Ohanes 11 km
Almería 42 km
Pozuelo 21 km
Alhabia 18 km
Padules 5,5 km
Almócita 6,5 km
Albolodúy 25 km
Benahadux 31 km

Canjáyar - Pueblo Alpujarreño

Canjáyar Town Hall

Santa Cruz del Voto Church & Constitucion Square

Santa Cruz del Voto Church

Santa Cruz del Voto Church - Canjáyar

San Blas Chapel

Canjáyar San Blas Chapel

Templete de la Cruz Blanca de Canjáyar

Templete de la Cruz Blanca de Canjáyar

Monumento a los Caidos

Andarax Valley

Canjáyar Fountains

Santa Cruz Laundries

Santa Cruz Laundries - Canjáyar

Lavadero de Canjáyar

Fuente Larga

Fuente Larga - Canjáyar

Hornacina de la Fuente Larga

Barrio Alto Fountain

Fuente del Barrio Alto de Canjáyar

Arquillo Fountain

Fuente del Arquillo

Canjáyar Grapes

Monumento al Parralero

Plaza Nueva

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