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Villages in Granada

Cogollos Vega

Villages in Granada

Cogollos Vega – Granada

The municipality of Cogollos Vega is located in the province of Granada in the north of the capital at a distance of 14 kilometres, you can reach the village by local road Gr/NE-55, that through Güevejar and Pulianas communicates directly with Granada. The township has an area of 49.87 km2. and borders to the north with Deifontes and Iznalloz, to the east to Huetor Santillán, to the south Nívar, Güevejar and Calicasas and to the west with Albolote. It has approximate dimensions towards North-South of 4.50 kilometres and towards West-East of 12 kilometres in a markedly elongated form.

Cogollos Vega traditionally has been included in the Comarca de la Vega Alta, whose seat is the capital de la provincia. Its township is located between the Vega of Granada and the Sierras de Cogollos and Arana. If we draw a line from north to south of the term, on the south rise to the population centre and north of the Cerro de la Atalaya (coincident with the benchmark 1000), we find to the west an agricultural landscape (with almost absolute predominance olive) for the upper part of the Vega of Granada. To the east, the landscape is highly rugged, that corresponds to part of the Sierras de Cogollos and Arana, linked to the Sierras Subbéticas, with a tormented topography, above the altitude of 1000 metres, dominated by hills, steep slopes and cliffs rising violently, little vegetation and absolute predominance of limestone.

The farmstead of Cogollos Vega was assigned to the district with Alhendín, Alfacar, Víznar and other populations. It is cited by Ibn Al-Jabit. The evidence of their existence does not go back beyond the XIV century but many relics have been found showing the settlement from the Palaeolithic site. There have been found Roman, Visigoth and Arab settlements. In the current term of Cogollos Vega there were the farm of La Taucha Lomilla of Vítar, Alcudia and the payment of Las Taulas from which there are news at least since the X century.

Like all the Vega, Cogollos has been occupied by man since prehistoric times and some historians argue that their pre-Islamic name comes from the place name Quqululus. The rest of its history is closely tied to that of Granada, due to its proximity and its location halfway between Vega and the foothills of the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park , with masses of holm oaks and oaks, magnificent scenery and splendid natural spaces where to enjoy from the nature in all its beauty and wonder.

Cogollos Vega Monuments

Parish Church of La Anunciación
Arab Baths
Natural Park Sierra de Huétor
La Atalaya
El Peñón de la Mata
Cave of El Agua

Cogollos Vega Gastronomy

There is a culinary tradition in Cogollos Vega that consists in going on summer evenings to one of the fountains of the town with a piece of bread to soak it in water and then eat it with one ounce of chocolate. It is famous also for its homemade sausages, for its small game and typical dishes such as porridge hot, bread crumbs and the kid with garlic, together with homemade sweets such as donuts, fried milk, hornazos and prepared for the day of the cross.

How to get there

You have to exit Granada and take GR-NE-55. Then cross Güevéjar and follow the signs until you get Cogollos Vega.

Distances from Cogollos Vega

Alfacar 9 km
Viznar 9 km
Granada 15 km
Peligros 15 km
Guadix 60 km
Diezma 40 km
Calicasas 5,5 km
Huétor Santillán 16 km

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