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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Dílar, National and Natural Park of  Sierra Nevada

Dílar can be found towards the south, about twelve kilometres from Granada, the municipality being for the most part within the Natural and National Park of Sierra Nevada.

Dílar has been a place of human settlement from the earliest days of prehistory, as is evidenced by the numerous archaeological sites that have been found in what is now the municipality, especially from the Bronze Age. Its privileged location on the banks of the river Dilar and local fertile soil were strong elements in the settlement of the Moors in the region. These Moors later suffered much harassment from troops of the Catholic Kings and were finally defeated and expelled from the land, and to seal and complete the conquest the monarch ceded the town to the first Marquis of Dilar.


Virgen de las Nieves Chapel
Church of Santa Maria de la Conception
Palacio del Marques de Dílar.
Archaeological Sites.


Pucherico de Hinojos or Fennel casserole is prepared with local fennel and cracked wheat, accompanied by a good meat dripping.
Pan de la Dehesa, the ingredients being, apart from trout from the river Dílar, plain red peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and cracked wheat.
We must not forget the products that come from the many orchards and gardens which are used to make delicious fresh salads, and products from the slaughter of farm animals, these are produced every year for Christmas and are cured during the winter, in the clean pure air of our Sierra.
Of course all this has to be taken with a fine wine or grape juice or pure Dilar water, (also used to grow watercress), from the Fuente de los Berros, and these waters are pure and clear, like all the waters of the Vega of Granada .
For dessert, we highlight sweets that are made for Semana Santa (Easter), such as fritters, donuts, flowers and in the summer, a tasty watermelon or cantaloupe.


Leaving Granada, Take Avenida de Dílar.At the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue: GR-SE-52 heading to Ogíjares – Alhambra – Sierra Nevada. Pass Ogíjares.In Gójar, continue: GR-SE-11.Arrive at Dílar.

Distances from Dílar

Granada 12 km
Cájar 10 km
Padul 14 km
Dúrcal 25 km
Gójar 4.5 km
Armilla 11km
Alhendín 6.5 km
La Zubia 7 km
Huétor Vega 14 km
Churriana de la Vega 13 km

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