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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen

Génave, Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park

Génave is located to the north of Sierra de Segura, to the north-eastern of the province. Its municipal district belongs to the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park, it is the bigger nature reserve of Spain: an orographical labyrinth of valleys, limestone quarries, cuts, mountains and high plateaus with a great hydrologic importance (because of the huge quantity of rivers and streams that flow from it); botanical (European Black Pine, Aleppo Pine and many endemic species); the wealth of the fauna, hunting and the landscape. From it we can observe that it is one of the most visited open spaces in the country.

Génave limits with Torres de Albanchez, Villarrodrigo, La Puerta de Segura, Orcera y Siles.

Génave is a typical serrana town that offers a charm landscape; in it we can emphasize the Tower Tercia and the Parish Church of La Inmaculada Concepción. From the Watchtower of Zarrocatín, located to three kilometres from the village you have a beautiful outlook.

The history of Génave is linked to the one of Segura de la Sierra, and it belonged to its administrative area, joining inside the huge alfoz (region of a district) de la Orden de Santiago. A dependence that would come from the Moslem Age where Génave would be one of the smallest farmhouses that made up a belt around Segura.

Between XI and XIII centuries, and before the advance of the Christian armies, the Moslems launched a planned system of fortifications. In Génave would be built a tower or a refuge, that alter the Christian conquest would be enormously transformed. The tower of La Tercia that nowadays is in the centre of the town would replace this old Moslem fortification.

To this tower of La Tercia refers to the visitor of La Orden de Santiago don Francisco de León on the occasion of the visit to the kingdom of Murcia in 1468: “There is another place that are called Xenave, with another good tower that has two vaults of lime and pebble, where the local people are dissuaded when the Moorish come”.

To three kilometres from Génave we can find the remains of another fortification called Tower of La Laguna or Zarracotín. It was built in tabiyya and in the area around the tower we can observe remains of walls that could take part of the city wall that surrounded it. In the account of Felipe II it was pointed out that this fortress was uninhabited and in ruins.

In the course of the Modern Age it was kept its dependence on the Encomienda de Segura of the Orden de Santiago, until Felipe II gave it the title of villa. According to the privilege preserved in the Town Hall, it obtained the title of Villa in 1664 for the sum of 64.000 reales (old Spanish coin of 25 centimes) that were paid by Félix Patiño, native of the Infantes and with residence in Génave.

Génave Monuments

Parish Church of La Inmaculada Concepción

Tower of La Tercia

Tower of Laguna (Watchtower of Zarracotín)

Génave Gastronomy

We can emphasize in the gastronomy of Génave the dishes made with its slaughter products, like the ajopringue that is cooked with el cooked and minced pork liver, and the white black pudding made with loin of pork and chicken or turkey, crumbs, beat eggs and spices.

This town has some traditional dishes for its fiestas; for the Fiesta of San Antón is traditional an earthenware bowl of “cuerva” that consists on wine, sugar, water and fruits, a drink with delicious roasted potatoes, for the Fiesta of San Marcos, is traditional a lamb stew (caldereta de cordero) and for the Patron Saint’s Day is common in Génave, slaughter a young cow and marinade its meat to fry or made it in stew. In the Fiesta de All Souls’ Day we can eat the sweet oatmeal porridges croutons.

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén towards Mancha Real – Baeza – Úbeda. You have to cross Baeza. Alleyway of Úbeda. In the roundabout, take the exit 3 and continue through the Motorway A-301 then turn right in N-322. Alleyways of El Campillo and Villacarrillo. In the area around Puente de Génave, you have to turn Leith in N-322A. Turn right in the Motorway A-310, then turn left in N-322 and pass near Las Graceas. Then you have to continue until Génave.

Distances from Génave

Siles 24 km
Jaén 146 km
Baeza 98 km
Úbeda 98 km
Orcera 26 km
Hornos 39 km
Villacarrillo 59 km
Beas de Segura 39 km

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