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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Gobernador, Montes Orientales

Gobernador is a ‘Granadina’ town found to the north of the Hoya de Guadix, lying on the banks of the rivers Genil and Guadiana Menor. The municipality limits with Morelábor, Píñar, Torre-Cardela, Guadahortuna y Pedro Martínez.

The municipalityshows signs of human habitation in prehistoric times as attested by the archaeological sites found, of which, however, none are still in operation today. Gobernador was of special note during the last period of Muslim occupation because Christian knights quartered in Cazorla carried out many raids against the town over a long period, actions aimed at harassing people in all the region, and to arouse fear among them so they would not resist when the final military occupation took place, after the war of ‘reconquista’.

The Catholic Monarchs conquered Gobernador on their victorious path to Granada , and thereafter the town came under severe pressure and repression from the new conquerors leading to the rebellion and subsequent expulsion of the Moors, and several short periods of war which led to a depopulation of the region that was not remedied until decades later with settlers from other Spanish kingdoms.

Gobernador Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial de San Sebastian  (Parish Church of San Sebastion)
Archaeological site of Pradillo

Gobernador Gastronomy

Migas, prepared to many different recipes, is the signature dish on the menu. For dessert, do not miss the handmade cakes, best of all, those made at Easter.


It is about 60 km from Gobernador to the capital of Granada . Take the A-44 in the direction of Guadix to the turnoff on the C-336 until you pass Píñar,  shortly after you will arrive the town.


Darro 20 km
Guadix 38 km
Diezma 28 km
Iznalloz 33 km
Huélago 15 km
Granada 60 km
Purullena 31km
Guadahortuna 13 km
Pedro Martinez 12 km
Benalua de Guadix 35 km
Villanueva de las Torres 29 km

Comarca de los Montes Orientales

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