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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Gojar, Comarca de la Vega de Granada

Gojar is situated in the southern part of the Vega de Granada Region (Granada Province), at the foot of Sierra Nevada (about 9 km from the city of Granada ) in southern Spain. It borders the municipalities of Ogíjares, La Zubia, Dílar and Otura.

Little has been written about the history of Gójar, which is near the capital, Granada, it is within the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada and was known once as La Campana, meaning the area where could be heard the ringing of the bell (campana) in the tower of Torre de la Vela de la Alhambra.

According to Jorquera Enriquez, Gojar was founded during the period of Muslim domination, later conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in the campaign that ended with the capture of the capital, Granada, in 1492.

Like many other Vega towns, Gojar suffered the consequences that resulted from the rebellion of the Moors which led to their eventual expulsion from the region, the area being repopulated by Philip II in the second half of the sixteenth century with settlers from various other Spanish regions.

Henríquez de Jorquera, in his “Annals of the Kingdom of Granada ‘, places the founding of Gojar in the Muslim era in the Arab-Andalusian period. However, its age cannot be precisely given. During this period, the population was engaged in farming and the raising of livestock, clearing and building on forest land in the area. It would later be conquered by the Catholic Monarchs on their march to Granada . With the rebellion of the Moors and their expulsion from the region, during the second half of XVI century the town was repopulated by Philip II using settlers from other regions. According to the writings of Tomas Lopez and other documents pertaining to this resettlement, until the early nineteenth century the town was known by the name of Gójar de la Vega.


Among the monuments that make up the historical heritage of Gójar we find the La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Paz (Church of Our Lady of Peace) and Casa Tercia, sixteenth century.

Among the buildings of the eighteenth century are La Casade la Moera, Casa Quartel, Casa de las Mamamenas, Casa Senorial and the olive mill and press.
La Ermita de las Tres Cruces and Casa Grande are nineteenth century.

Gójar Gastronomy

Typical products of irrigated and rainfed agriculture are to be found in such local dishes as those with oil and almonds. Notable among its many tasty recipes is leg of lamb, together with local recipes for rabbit and veal. Other recipes in the Gójar tradition are various soups and casseroles and partridge with cabbage.


Granada.  Exit towards: Ogíjares – Alhambra – Sierra Nevadas. Pass Ogijares and continue to Gójar.

Distances from Gójar

Otura 7km
Cájar 5.5km
Dílar 4.5 km
Armilla 6km
Granada 9 km
Alhendín 6 km
La Zubia 3.5km
Gabi Chica 8 km

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