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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Gor, municipio de la Comarca de Guadix

On the banks of the river Gor, within the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza, Gor can be found on the ancient Roman road which was first called Via Herculea and later Via Augusta. In the town stands the seventeenth century parish church, with well preserved original paintings and sculptures of that time, also a beautiful square with Castilian arcades, and the fountain of Los Siete Canos. Within the municipality is the Cortijo Colorado, which has seen settlements of various cultures throughout the ages: Iberian, Roman, Byzantine and later a farmstead of the Arab Andalusian period.

The lands Gor now occupies have seen human settlement from the Neanderthal era as evidenced by the numerous archaeological sites that have been excavated, ranging through the Neolithic, Iberian, Roman Empire, Byzantines right through to the Muslim era.

In 1492, after suffering harassment for several years by Christian troops, Gor was given over to the Lordship of Sancho de Castilla who was favored by tithes and other rights. Later it became the Duchy of Gor, and in 1579 all residents of the town acquired rights to the land, and Gor became a municipality with its own Ayuntamiento or Town Hall. Since then, with some changes of fortune throughout the years, Gor has survived mainly on agriculture.

Gor Monuments

* Castle ruins (now Plaza de Toros).
* Casa Placeta Palacio (XIV-XV century).
* Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church, XVII century, original sculptures and paintings).
* Ermita de la Virgen de Fátima. (Hermitage)

Gor Archaeological Sites

Many prehistoric remains have been discovered in the area, from dolmens to schematic depictions of the Neolithic age.


The cuisine of the municipality includes pork and lamb and especially bread cooked in wood burning ovens using traditional methods, along with meals in which flour is the key ingredient, such as ‘gurupina’ or ‘gachas Gor’ (casserole).


The local road from the motorway A-92, is the main access road.

Distances from Gor

Granada 74km
Zújar 30km
Baza 27km
Caniles 35km
Guadix 25km
Hernán Valle 33km
Benalua de Guadix 27km

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