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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Juviles, Alpujarra Granadina

Juviles is to be found in the central part of the ‘Alpujarra Granadina’ (province of Granada), in southeastern Spain. It borders the municipalities of Trevélez, Bérchules, Lobras, Cástaras and Busquístar.

Most of the municipality is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park .

Early in the tenth century, the inhabitants of Juviles, protected by an impregnable castle, joined the movement against the emirate of Córdoba, under the leadership of the commander Umar ibn-Hafsum, who became Abderraman III, the first caliph of Córdoba, and who intervened, in 913, in the subduing of the rebels.

After the conquest of Granada (1492), the Catholic Monarchs ordered the destruction of the castle of Juviles. In 1568 a wealthy landowner in the Alpujarras, Hernando de Valor, who took the name Aben Humeya, took up arms against Philip II, prompting a revolt among the Moors from the kingdom of Granada. However, internal dissensions among the Moors ended with the murder of  Abén Humeya in 1569, allowing John of Austria to easily conquer Juviles, which became one of the most harshly treated towns in the subsequent repression by the Christian troops.

The Moors would be permanently expelled in 1609. La Alpujarra, being severely depopulated, was then repopulated by settlers from Galicia, León, Asturias and Castilla.

Juviles Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Maria de Gracia (Church of Santa Maria de Gracia)
Remains of the Medieval Castle

Juviles Gastronomy

Cooked stews, cous-cous, lamb, chotos and piglets. Local hams are particularly well known. Mushrooms with Parma ham is the dish most characteristic of this town.


From Granada: Take N-323 south (towards Motril). After about 37 km take the exit towards Lanjaron. Continue on this road until you reach Órgiva. Pass Órgiva. Turn right: A-4130. Continue until you arrive the town.

Distances from Juviles

Granada 91 km
Cádiar 14 km
Ugíjar 25 km
Órgiva 39 km
Alcutar 6 km
Narila 14 km
Albuñol 42 km
Trevélez 13 km
Capileira 35 km
Lanjarón 48 km
Pampaneira 32 km

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