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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Lanteira, Marquesado del Zenete

Lanteira forms part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park , and is situated on its northern slope. Nestled in the Marquesado del Zenete, at 1282 metres above sea level, the town was the site of silver mines during Roman times, and mining continued uninterrupted until the nineteenth century.

Lanteira was founded during the historical period of the Roman Empire and the area was rich in silver ores, the extraction of which continued until the nineteenth century. The town was first called Argenteira but was renamed after the Christian Reconquista. During the Arab epoch the town enjoyed great prestige and the Roman baths were famous throughout the whole region of Sened. Later, after the expulsion of the Moors, the town was virtually deserted and years later was repopulated with settlers from the north of the peninsula.

The municipality limits with Valle del ZalabíLa CalahorraAlquifeAldeireVálorAlpujarra de la SierraBérchules y Jérez del Marquesado.

Lanteira Monuments

Santo Cristo Chapel
Fortaleza de la Reina (fortress)
Parish Church of the Annunciation
Castillo del Barrio o de los Moros (castle)


Stew ‘bolones’,’ los sustentos’, (choto – kid cooked in garlic and other products from the slaughter of pigs, in particular homemade sausage and chorizo.


Leaving Granada. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit Continue along: E-902 / A-44 heading to Armilla – Motril. Pass near Maracena and Peligros. Follow directions Almeria – Murcia. Pass Albolote, go to: A-92. Pass near Lopera. Take the exit towards: Exit 288 – Purullena – Cortes and Graena – Beas de Guadix –  Troglodyte City- Ceramic Art –  Picturesque Landscape. Follow signs towards Purullena. Pass Purullena. Continue to Guadix. Exit Guadix towards Jerez del Marquesado and from here take GR-SE-18 to Lanteira.

Distances from Lanteira

Aldeire 10 km
Alquife 3.5 km
Albuñán 11 km
Granada 72 km
La Calahorra 8 km
Alcudia de Guadix 20 km
Cogollos de Guadix 11 km
Minas del Marquesado 5 km
Jerez del Marquesado 4.5 km

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