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Lebrija Monuments

Lebrija – Santa Maria la Piedad Hospital

Lebrija Monuments

Santa Maria la Piedad Hospital

Santa María la Piedad Hospital - LebrijaThe Santa Maria la Piedad Hospital is located next to the Santa Maria de la Oliva Church and the Old Cabildo and Cilla Municipal, at the Hospitalillo Square, few minutes from the Lebrija Medieval Castle, in the Andalusian town of Lebrija.

Healthcare building erected during the Late Middle Ages opposite the Puerta Del Perdón of the Church of Santa María de la Oliva. Only the yard or entry to the building remains from the original building, which is a public square today.

The Hospital was connected to the brotherhood of Santa María de la Piedad, firstly curing ill women, and then accommodating poor temporary residents. There was a little chapel in it. Where Latin Grammar courses were taught since 1495, or the tithes were paid.

It is worth noting the Mudejar façade, very simple and neatly done with convex molding bricks, a beautiful sample of this artistic style in the town.

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