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Villages in Cadiz

Prado del Rey

Villages in Cadiz

Prado del Rey

Prado del Rey is located to the northeast of Cádiz, at north bordering on Sevilla and at East on Málaga, what provokes an easy access location, both by roads from Sevilla (road Las Cabezas-Ubrique), and by roads from Ronda and Jerez o Arcos de la Frontera.

Prado del Rey has three airports to an hour to go: the one of Sevilla, Jerez and Málaga. There are also daily lines of travellers by road to Jerez, Cádiz and Sevilla.

The town of Prado del Rey is located to the foot of the sistema Subbético, between the open country from Jerez and the Serranía de Grazalema, in a place called port of Alcaudete, at a height of 431 metres above sea level and included in the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos of Cádiz.

Prado del Rey has an exceptional enclave. It is located in the foothills, far away and incline of La Serranía de Ronda, it is flanked by two mountainous rises: the hill Verdugo and Las Lomas.

In Prado del Rey there are beautiful views like the mountains of Algodonales, Zafalgar or Margarita, El Pinar or San Cristobal, at a height of 1.654 metres, and in whose north slope is situated one of the few hatcheries that have many specimens of El Abies Pinsapo existing in Central Europe; the one of La Silla, from Ubrique, and El Aljibe, among the towns of Algar and Alcalá de los Gazules; in distant perspectives, you can observe the mountains of Montellano, Coripe and Morón, in Sevilla.

With respect to the history of Prado del Rey, there were found human remains that go back to the Palaeolithic but the first documents refer to the Roman town of Iptuci, quoted by Plinio and “Civites” able to mint its own coin.

Nowadays there are conserved some stretches of walls, the memorial stone in the façade of the Church, and a print of copper of the Tratado de Hospitalidad between the colony of Ucubi (current Espejo de Córdoba) and the municipality of Iptuci.

This town was part of the frontier strip with the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada (this was an unstable frontier), and it belonged to one and other according the different scuffles.

In the town there was found a unique sample of Christian armaments, whose style imposed in Al-Andalus in the XII and XIII centuries, coexisting with other weapons of Muslim tradition. The double-edged sword is provided with a solid spherical knob crowned by a button to the fixation of the hilt. The hilt, divided in four sectors, houses decoration engraving epigraphic.

After the Arab age Alfonso VII conquered it and was uninhabited until in the XVII century Carlos III revised it, with the plan of repopulation to the south of Andalucía Asistente de Sevilla D. Pablo de Olavide and its lands were shared out among 189 settlers coming from the mountainous region of Grazalema and Ronda.

Natural Park of Los Alcornocales | Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalema


Parish Temple Ntra. Señora del Carmen
Pósito de Labradores

Routes: Town of Iptuci

Prado del Rey Gastronomy

In Prado del Rey you can taste dishes like: the Salmorejo (Sauce of rabbits), the Boiled Asparagus Soup, the Boiled Tomatoes Soup, the Broad Beans Stew, Snails, Cabrillas, Pork Scratching, Giblet of Kid or Turkey, Guiso de Pata, Stew of Golden Thistles, Stew of Brussels sprouts, Rabbit with Tomatoes, Pajarillas, Muffins, Fried Sponge Cakes, Fritters, Cracklings Cake, Borrachos (sponge cakes soaked in alcohol) and French Toasts.

How to get there

Go out of Cádiz and continue in: N-443, then take the: AP-4, the: E-5 / A-4. Take the exit towards: Salida 80 – Arcos – Circuito de Velocidad. Continue in: A-382 and take the exit towards: Salida 3 – Circuito – A-382a – Vía de Servicio – Torremelgarejo. Turn Left: Carretera de los Arcos-Jerez. In Arcos de la Frontera and continue in: A-384 and turn right in the: A-372. Cross Venta Mariquia and follow the signs until you get Prado del Rey.


Cádiz 94 km
Algar 25 km
Bornos 24 km
Sevilla 104 km
Málaga 162 km
Villamartin 13 km
Algodonales 26 km
Jerez de la Frontera 61 km

Prado del Rey

Prado del Rey Plaza de la Constitución

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