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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Rute, Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park Town

Rute is situated to the southwest of the province of Cordoba, in what could be considered the heart of Andalusia and the Sierras Subbeticas Natural Park of Cordoba.

Sitting in a natural enclave bordering several provinces, Rute is a hub that is equidistant from Cordoba, Malaga, Granada and Jaen (90 Km).

The area of Rute is 134 km2, much of which consist of numerous sierras and small hills and a mountain range that forms the highest Sierra de Rute, which is part of the southern sector of the nearby Horconera-Rute. Its altitude ranges between 600 and 680 m.

Rute is on the foothills of the Sierra of the same name, crowned by the peak del Hacho, topped by an Arabic tower. The main village is nestled on the slopes of the Sierra. The terrain is rugged with steep slopes with others less so.

Rute’s climate and its municipal area is typical of the comarca (region) to which it belongs, ie temperate Mediterranean character inland with an Atlantic influence.

Within the municipality are many villages and farmhouses that lend to the local colour, while providing all kinds of activities related to the rural environment in which they find themselves.

Among the most interesting villages, noted for their quaintness are: Zambra, Las Piedras-Palomares, La Hoz and Llanos de Don Juan.

The origin of Rute dates back to the Islamic period. Remains have been found in the area of a castle of this period. Rute also suffered the vicissitudes of frontier towns, changing hands many times. The infante Pedro seized it in 1315 and repopulated it with Christians. In 1323 it again passed into Arab hands, held as such until 1341, when Alfonso XI incorporated it into Crown lands. Although it subsequently reverted to Arab rule. In the times of Juan II it was captured by Sanchez de Barrionuevo, and repopulated by settlers from Segovia. It was transferred to the condado de Cabra in 1466, and shortly after the duchy of Sessa. The liquor industry began to develop from the seventeenth century.

The poet Rafael Albert lived in Rute in 1926.

Rute Monuments

Church of St. Catherine
Church of San Francisco
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmen
San Pedro Chapel
Ermita de la Vera Cruz (Chapel of the Holy Cross)
Museo de Anis
Museo del Mantecado (Museum.)
Museo Artesanal de turron mazapan and Mantecado.
Casa Museo del Jamon.
Rute el Viejo, preserved remains of the castle and its walls in the original location of the village.
The Canuto, Sentinel Tower, one of the Arab watchtowers.
Castillo Zambra . An important Iberian enclave, on which later would settle the Romans who founded the town of Cisibrium.

Iznajar Dam & Reservoir

Rute Gastronomy

The municipality is renowned for its famous aniseed, handcrafted spirits and liqueurs, as well as making Christmas cakes, ice cream, pastries and piononos. Also important are porksausages, and of course olive oil, essential in the Ruthenian local cuisine.


From Cordoba to Lucena N-331, A-331 to Rute.
From Malaga: N-331 to Encinas Reales, CO-210 to Rute.
From Seville: A92 to Estepa, A340 to Lucena, A-331 to Rute.
From Granada: A92 to Salinas, A-344 to Iznajar, A-331 to Rute.


Cabra 24 km
Baena 49 km
Iznajar 13 km
Lucena 20 km
Cordoba 91 km
Priego de Cordoba 27 km



Santa Catalina Mártir Parish Tower

Anís Monument

Monumento al Anís - Rute 12/07/2020

Jamón Museum

Museo del Jamón de Rute

Ntra. Sra. del Carmen Sanctuary

San Juanito

Ntra. Sra. del Carmen Sanctuary - Rute

San Pedro Chapel

Ermita de San Pedro de Rute

Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Humildad - Rute

Vera Cruz Chapel

Ermita de la Vera Cruz de Rute

Nra. Sra. de la Soledad Sanctuary

San Sebastián Chapel

Ermita de San Sebastián de Rute

Ntra. Sra. de Gracia Church (Zambra)

Iglesia de Ntra. Sra. de Gracia - Pedanía de Zambra

Ntra. Sra. de la Cabeza Square

Los Aguilares Fountain

Los Aguilares Fountain - Rute

Pilón del Cuartel

Pilón del Cuartel - Rute

Mercado Fountain

Mercado Fountain

Pilón de Molina / Fuente Abrevadero de la Molina

Pilón de Molina - Rute

Pilón Fuente del Moral Bajo

Pilón Fuente del Moral Bajo - Rute

El Chorrillo

El Chorrillo

Duque Fountain (Zambra)

Fuente del Duque (Pedanía de Zambra - Rute)

Zambra Fountain

Fuente de Zambra - Rute

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