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Villages in Jaen

Sorihuela del Guadalimar

Villages in Jaen

Sorihuela del Guadalimar – El Condado Region

Sorihuela del Guadalimar is a little town in the south-east area of the region El Condado that has a territorial enclave to the north-east of La Loma. The municipality limits with Chiclana de Segura, Beas de Segura, Villanueva del Arzobispo y Castellar.

The forest area represents half of the municipal expanse, concentrating on that enclave. The cultivated lands, with the olive grove like dominant plant, are located in the main territory. The main economic activity of the town is the agriculture, dependent on the olive cultivation, on the olive oil industry and on the tourism since part of its municipal district belongs to Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park.

Among the architectural treasures of Sorihuela del Guadalimar we can emphasize the Parish Church of Santa Agueda, built in the XVI century and with Renaissance style, and the Castle with Arab origin, it was conquered in 1235 by Fernando III el Santo built in a plateau outside the urban area. It is declared Monumento Histórico.

In 1235 it took place the Christian conquest carried out by the king Fernando III. It would be repopulated by old Christians and added to Iznatoraf.

The independence was given by Felipe II in 1595, for that its inhabitants had to ask for loans several towns of the province, mortgaging like bond farms and houses of the

The castle that dominates the town belongs to Arab age and in good condition.

The Parish Church belongs to the archpriesthood of Santisteban del Puerto.


Parish Church of Santa Águeda.

Hermitage of San Martín. With coated of arm front.

Arab Castle.

Sorihuela del Guadalimar Gastronomy

Typical dishes: Pig’s feet with sauce and typical food in Good Friday (cod, spring onions, dried red peppers, potatoes, garlic, tomato, eggs, bay leaf, cumin and salt)

Roscos de la Sartén (Eggs, olive oil, fizzy drink, grated lemon peel, cinnamon…)

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén towards Mancha Real – Baeza – Úbeda. Cross Baeza and when you exit turn left in the Motorway A-316. Alleyway of Úbeda. In the roundabout, take the exit 3. Continue in the Motorway A-301. Turn right in N-322. Alleyways of El Campillo and Villacarrillo. In the area around Villanueva del Arzobispo, take the N-322A and follow the signs until Sorihuela del Guadalimar.


Jaén 110 km
Sardinas 6 km
Benatae 46 km
Villacarrillo 22 km
Beas de Segura 19 km
Chiclana de Segura 10 km
Puente de Génave 29 km
Navas de San Juan 30 km
Santisteban del Puerto 17 km

Sorihuela del Guadalimar Town Hall

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