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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria


Abrucena, municipality of the province of Almeria, has a censed population of 1460 inhabitants, according to information of the Census of 1991. It stretches along the  north slope of Sierra Nevada, passing through the valley of the river Nacimiento  and reaches the Sierra de los Filabres (mountain range) on the northern part. The above mentioned municipality, is formed by four villages:

– Abrucena, with 1299 inhabitants.

– Camino Real, with 78 inhabitants

– Pago de Escuchagranos, with 69 inhabitants.

– Los Monjos, with 14 inhabitants.

Abrucena’s village center is located  in a hill of the valley of the river Nacimiento at 974 meters of altitude, next  to the river  Abrucena or Rambla de los Santos (boulevard of the Saints), being at an altitude between 1100 and 1150 meters.

El Pago de Escuchagranos is located at the North-north-west of Abrucena’s center, in the valley of the river Nacimiento, placed in the South and adjacent to the National road 324, between kilometres 264 and 265, being at an altitude of approximately 850 meters.

Camino Real is located at the north of Abrucena and at the North-East of Pago de Escuchagranos, in the valley of the river Nacimiento, approximately 300 meters to the north of it.

The villages of the municipality are set out following the North – South axis, being Abrucena the most important one, having a 90 % of the population and being the seat of the Town hall. It has an Acropolis type configuration, as it is placed on a hill in a lengthened shape. El Pago de Escuchagranos has a Village-Street configuration, placed along the National road 324, and Camino Realhas a scattered one as its housings are spread along the string of Granada.

The current type of housing that dominates, of new construction, has two stories and flat roofs. The most traditional buildings are usually highly alterated. It also has to be stressed the lack of whitewash, so typical of the housings and villages of the region.

The traditional housing is characterized by the use of metamorphic rock masonry, slab eaves and flat launa roofs, also existing the slab shed.

The historical information of Abrucena’s municipality goes back to the Neolithic (from which there are ceramics remains) and to the Roman occupation (fortification on the rock, remaining from it a tank perfectly visible), Abrucena lived with special intensity the confrontations and fights between Muslims and Christians at the beginning of the Arabic age 10th century.

After the Reconquest the new settlers appear, from 1570 on, who establish themselves in Abrucena’s new district, located between those of Abla and Fiñana. 70 per cent of the settlers came from Andalusia, followed by a 23 per cent from La Mancha and the rest from Extremadura and Castilla y León.

During the 18th century Abrucena lives an expansion process promoted by the trade of the forest zones, that lead even to an overexploitation of the forests in order to provide wood for the dockyards of Sevilla and Almeria.

The wealth of the village enables the demarcation of the municipality. During the 19th century the population goes on with its economic evolution, mainly rooted in the agriculture. This situation has remained until this century, which brings about an important emigation movement, as in other villages of the province.

At present the village has undergone a process of settlement and increase of inhabitants, which leads it to have near 1.500, according to the last census of the Junta de Andalucia (Autonomous Community of Andalucía).

Abrucena 07/05/2022

Panorámica de Abrucena

Pretil Square - Abrucena


El Castillejo (Little castle)
Ermita de las Ánimas (Hermitage of the Souls)

Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación Parish Church

Parish Church of Abrucena

Parish Church of Abrucena

Parish Church of Abrucena

Parish Church of Abrucena

San Jose Chapel

San Jose Chapel of Abrucena

How to get to Abrucena

Exit from Almeria´s center. Take Rambla de Belén. At the roundabout take Exit 1 and continue in: E-15 / A-7 towards: Murcia – Round of Almeria – Granada. Take Exit 453-Viátor – Base Militar La Legión – Guadix- Granada. At the roundabout, take exit 4 and continue in: A-92. Take Exit 336-Abrucena – Abla – Escúllar. At the roundabout, take exit 4 and to continue in: A-92A. Turnto the right: ALP-505 and to continue up to Abrucena.


Ohanes 23 km
Almería 70 km
Escúllar 12 km
Láujar de Andarax 45 km
Alhama de Almería 47 km

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