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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Agrón, Temple Region

Agrón is located at 31 km from Granada, on the South, over a hill with views to all the plain of the Comarca del Temple (region of the Temple).

Municipality located halfway between the elevations of the mountain ranges of Sierra de la Mora and la Pera and the post-orogenic plain of the Vega of Granada, being phisiographically located within the Comarca del Temple, formed by a flat, endorreico and arid land.

Its toponym, of Latin reminiscences (agro, agriculture), could well refer to the agricultural activity, main way of life of its inhabitants in the course of history.

The municipality, as for the development of the historical events, has been closely linked to Alhama de Granada, as all municipalities of this zone of the Poniente Granadino (West of Granada), and, as Alhama de Granada, has watched the times of the Roman Empire, the long Muslim control, the later christianization after the wars of Granada and, already in the 19th century, the presence in its lands of the Napoleonic troops during the Independence War go by.


Parish Church

Agrón Gastronomy

Its agricultural production provices excellent usual oils, cereals glossy, almond flower, etc.

Agron kitchen holds a variety of popular ingredients with atavistic. Similarly the rich and legs chacinas home can be enjoyed on occasion, especially if it has “kindred” or good friend who offer.

Rabbit in almond sauce

How to get there

Exit Granada. Continue at Granada Road. Armilla crossing. Continue to : A-338. Crossing Gabia Grande and La Malahá. Enter Agrón.

Distances from Agrón

Cacín 18 km
Ácula 7,5 km
Escúzar 13 km
Granada 31 km
Ochíchar 12 km
La Zahora 17 km
Ventas de Huelma 5 km

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