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Presas de Embalse en Badajoz

Aguijon Dam and Reservoir

Presas de Embalse en Badajoz

Aguijon Dam and Reservoir

The Aguijon Dam was built in 1995 on the bed of the Alcarrache River, between the towns of Higuera de Vargas and Barcarrota, province of Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain.

Gravity and concrete dam with straight plant, with a height from foundatios of 28 meters, a crest lenght of 360 meters and a coronation width of 8 meters.

The Aguijon Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Hidrográfica del Guadiana (Guadiana River Basin) and has a capacity of 11 hm3.

Uses of the Aguijon Reservoir

Water Supplying (supplies the towns of Alconchel, Barcarrota, Higuera de Vargas, Oliva de la Frontera, Táliga, Valencia de Mombuey, Villanueva del Fresno and Zahinos)

Aguijón Dam and Reservoir

Aguijón Dam and Reservoir
Other reservoirs nearby

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Distances from Higuera de Vargas

Zahinos 15 km
Valuengo 32 km
Barcarrota 17 km
Villanueva del Fresno 29 km
Jerez de los Caballeros 26 km
Salvatierra de los Barros 37 km

Barcarrota Municipality

Municipality of the province of Badajoz‚ located to the southwest of the same‚ occupies an area of ​​136.11 km2. The town center is located at an altitude of 467 meters‚ to the west of the Sierra de Santa María and on the historic itinerary of Seville‚ between the cities of Badajoz and Jerez de los Caballeros.

It limits to the north with the district of Almond and Badajoz‚ to the east with Salvaleón‚ to the south with Jerez de los Caballeros and Higuera de Vargas and to the west with Olivenza. It is 49 kilometers from Badajoz capital.

The term’s hydrography is formed by the Olivenza River‚ to the north‚ and the Alcarrache River‚ to the south‚ that delimit a territory of magnificent holm oak and cork oak meadows‚ with patches of thick forest.

The population of Barcarrota is currently 3,648 inhabitants. The productive structure responds to the area’s own scheme, with a medium level of development. The economy is based mainly on the primary and tertiary sectors‚ and to a lesser extent on the secondary. The area of ​​land devoted to pasture is greater than that devoted to crops‚ with an important cattle herd‚ in which cattle and pigs clearly stand out.

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