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Castles in Málaga

Aguila Castle – Gaucin

Castles in Málaga

Aguila Castle – Castle of Gaucín – Castle of the Eagle

Like most castles and fortresses, the Aguila Castle or Gaucin Castle is situated on a hill of 688 meters highand featuring a breathtaking views of the Gaucín town, the Genal Valley, Sierras de Casares and a large area of the field of Gibraltar.


The archaeological remains found near the Aguila Castle seem to confirm the presence of a pre-islamic population.

Apparently in 914 the inhabitants of the fort looked like emirales troops burned the city of Algeciras ships that supported the revolt on Ibn Umar Hafsun, in any case the construction of the castle had to be early to be this hard hit area by Berber rebellions and Mozarabic.

The Águila Castle is the most representative monument in Gaucin, from the fortress you can see stunning views, in a clear day you can even see the North of Africa.

Aguila Castle

Gaucin Castle is known for its double defense system consisting of an outer and an inner walled enclosure or citadel.


The Citadel form an autonomous within the castle grounds. The wall that surrounds it is the most powerful of the enclosure. For better protection the only door shaped bend, stood next to a square tower. Inside the citadel there are three wells and a keep known as the Torre de la Reina, structured in two parts and provided with a rectangular chamber covered with a barrel vault.

Inside the castle is the Chapel of the Holy Child.


Under the protection of the general declaration of the Decree of April, 1949 and Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage. In 1993 the Andalusian governant gave special recognition to the Castles of Andalusia.

Castillo del Águila

Castillo del Águila

castillo-del-aguila-acceso castillo-del-aguila-garita

Aguila Castle - Gaucin

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