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Water Dams in Huelva

Aguzadera Dam

Water Dams in Huelva

Aguzadera Dam & Reservoir

The Aguzadera Dam was built in 1999 on the Barranco de la Aguzadera, municipality of El Campillo, province of Huelva, Andalusia, Spain.

Aguzadera is a loose materials dam type with clay core, it has a height from foundations of 104 meters and a a crest lenght of 2169 meters.

The Aguzadera Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Hidrográfica Tinto, Odiel y Piedras and has a surface of 186,33 hectares.

Uses of the Reservoir

– Industrial (storage of waste mineral of Gossan exploitation)

Aguzadera Dam & Reservoir - El Campillo

El Campillo, Andévalo Region

The village belongs to the region of Andévalo, located in the mining area in the mountains with copses of pines and eucalyptus trees in a landscape of gentler hills and farmland on which predominantly cereal crops are grown. Points of interest are the Parish Church with the curious facade, the Dolmen de la Catalina, the Canadas Escoriales of the Adelphi and the Necropolis of Moraña. Read more…..

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