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Monuments in Huelva

Alajar Church of San Marcos

Monuments in Huelva

Church of San Marcos – Alajar

San Marcos Church is located in the center of Alajar town, San Marcos Street, Huelva province.

Dated in the last third of the 18th century, although there remains dating from before the 16th century. The architect Pedro de Silva gave the current appearance. The style of construction can be included in a sober Baroque.

The temple structure meets the building of the basilica, three naves, the central one wider and taller, the chancel, sacristy and chapel inscribed in a rectangle.

With respect to movable property of the building that stand out are from the same period the building, last quarter of century, two sculptures, the work of San Marcos Melendez Diego, and San Antonio, two pulpits of forging, the white marble baptismal font decorated with gallons, and the railing of the choir, carved with motifs of debris.

San Marcos Church alajar-iglesia-de-san-marcos-portadalateral

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