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Monuments in Huelva

Alajar Rock

Monuments in Huelva

Alajar Rock – Peña de Alájar

Alajar Rock (Peña de Alájar), Sierra de Aracena Natural Park and Picos de Aroche de Huelva.

We are at about 740 meters of altitude, in one of the highest points of the Natural Park, on an impressive limestone formation. From east to west, you have a magnificent view of the southern mountains of the Natural Park, from where you can distinguish different elements in the landscape. On the clearest days you can see Rio Tinto and even in the distance, the Atlantic Ocean.

Impressive viewpoint from where you can see the Sierra El Caracol, Sierra de la Solana, Sierra de Camposanto, Sierra Giralda, Sierra El Pico and Sierra de las Cumbres.

At your feet the town of Alájar. From this balcony you can see the structure of the irregular urban layout of this town, with narrow streets and numerous nooks and crannies, with a clear Arab influence. Today this town is one of the best preserved manifestations of popular architecture, with buildings with large roofs covered with red tiles and whitewashed walls. Close to the town, scattered farmhouses can be seen, which are an example of the structure of mountain farms.

On the other hand, you can see the characteristic hilly relief of this mountain range, which is nothing more than the result of erosion over millions of years of the southern edge of the Meseta. About 300 million years ago this region was under the sea. But the Teutonic plate movements gave rise to the fact that during the Hercynian orogeny, these lands raised their level and remained in the air. Since then, there has been a
normal erosion, which has resulted in the morphology of the current reliefs.

Finally you can see a true mosaic of vegetation that we link to the typical Mediterranean landscape, in which nature and human use go hand in hand. You can see, clearly associated in this case, with limestone soils; the oak, covering most of the hills and plains. This landscape, the result of the adaptation of the Mediterranean forest to the needs of human beings, plays a great role as it serves as a shelter and a nesting and food area for numerous animal species; and at the same time it becomes one of the livestock exploitation systems that reports the greatest benefits to the region. Finally, plots of olive groves are interspersed, which is the cultivated variety of wild olive. The olive tree, the most emblematic tree in the Mediterranean Basin, occupies a very limited area in the Sierra de Aracena. Enjoy the landscape and the magic of this magnificent corner of the Natural Park.

Alajar Rock

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