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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


The municipality of Alameda is located in the North of the province of Malaga, in the region of Antequera, and stretches along a plain in which only a few small elevations break the horizontality of a landscape rich in olive grove, matching with any territory close to the countryside of Cordoba and Seville.

Due to its geographical situation, the municipality, has other adjacent villages, was a crossing way among the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Seville, reason why hat the first human settlements date from to the calcolithic or eneolithic periods (2.500 years B.C.), but the most abundant vestiges of past times belong to the Roman domination period.

Alameda Monuments

Roman Baths
Necropolis Calcolítica
The Immaculate Church
El Tempranillo Tomb
Farm Museum


* Rice with hare or rabbit

* Migas: are prepared from bread and flour, with garlic, chorizo and black sausage.
* Porra Antequerana: is the most famous dish. Base is made of bread, tomatoe, olive oil, salt, garlic and pepper, mixing everything that is resulting in a red sauce, adds some cure jam, green pepper, natural tomatoe, tuna, boiled eggs…..


How to get there

From Málaga: Exit 241 – A45. Direction Córdoba – Granada – Sevilla. Continue on N-331. Continue to: A-45. Take the exit: MA6415 and follow to the town.

Distances from Alameda

Málaga 74 km
Antequera 28 km
Sevilla 140 km
Granada 109 km


Alameda alameda-iglesia-de-la-inmaculada-torre

Alameda Town Hall

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