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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Alamedilla, Guadix y El Marquesado

Alamedilla is located 78km to the northwest of Granada , crossed by the River Guadahortuna and stands at an altitude of 862 m.

Thought to be of Arab origin, its history actually goes back almost 3,000 years to when this region was inhabited by tribes of early man as it has been demonstrated by finds in the archaeological sites of the Hoya de Guadix.

After the Christian conquest of these regions, Alamedilla became the property of the Crown of Castile.

It has three irrigated areas: Acequia del Pueblo Acequia del Penon, with water from the river Guadahortuna, and Acequia del Hacho Bajo with Ramblo de lo Hacho.

The main crops are  barley and sunflowers.

Alamedilla Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial de la Anunciacion (Parish Church of the Annunciation)

The church has three naves, the central nave, larger and slightly higher than the side naves, and separated from these by three arches.
Construction began after the Reconquista, 1489 and was not finished until 1,568, perhaps due to the difficulties which led to the war with of the Moors.

Ermita de San Antonio (San Antonio Hermitage)
Has a rectangular nave, its origins are poorly documented, but it is known to be somewhat later than the church.

Puente del Hacho (Bridge)
Although located in the municipality of Guadahortuna, Alamedilla has close links with the bridge, among other things being involved in the sale and dismantling of the bridge, which fortunately never happened.

The bridge was designed by the famous architectural firm of Gustave Eiffel and built between 1,886 and 1,895. Declared of Cultural Interest in 1982.

Alamedilla Gastronomy

One of the more entrenched customs is “home slaughter of pigs”, which takes place in December for the purpose of stocking the larders for winter.
Available locally are leg of pork, chorizo, casseroles with hare or rabbit, sopas coloras (soups,) Gachas coloras, a kind of stew … the colourful nickname coming from the use of dried peppers or paprika chorizo and sweet and spicy meats to give the red colour to an appetizing dish.

Alamedilla Directions

Leave Granada. Continue along: A-4002. Turn right: A-92 heading to Guadix- Almeria -Murcia. Take the exit towards: Exit 276 – Diezma . Pass Diezma , turn left: GR-NE-21. Pass Darro. Exit and continue towards Darro: A-308. Turn right: GR-NE-32. Pass Huélago. Take GR-NE-36. Turn left: A-325. Travesia de Pedro Martinez. Follow signs to Alamedilla.

Distances from Alamedilla

Granada 75 km
Huelma 31 km
Huélago 24 km
Guadahortuna 17 km
Alicún Ortega 25 km
Cuevas del Campo 83 km
Cabra del Sto. Cristo 23 km
Villanueva de las Torres 27 km

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