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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The village of Alanís is right in the heart of the Nature reserve of the North Mountain Range of Seville (Sierra Norte of Sevilla Natural Park), 110 kilometres from the capital. This flower and fruit garden, irrigated by the fountains of Santa María, la Salud y el Pilarejo, as well as the stream of El Parral, can be found between the municipalities of Guadalcanal and San Nicolás del Puerto.

Though its origin is Celtic, its current population and name comes from the Muslim period, where it was known as Al-Haniz,  that means fertile, prosperous land. Its original celtic name was Iporci.

During  the Roman period it was called Ordo Iporcensium. Some tombs of this historic period have been found in the spot of San Ambrosio.

It was conquered by Fernando III in the year of 1249.

Its castle was rebuilt during the Independence War and armed with artillery later due to its strategic position.

Alanís Monuments

Church of Ntra. Sra. de las Nieves
Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. de las Angustias
Hermitage of San Juan Evangelista
Hermitage of Jesús Nazareno
Hermitage of San Miguel de la Breña
Fountain of Las Pilitas
Cruces of May


Caldereta de cordero (lamb stew). Game cuisine. Pickled Partridge.  Asparagus with eggs.

How to get there

Sevilla – Cantillana (on Brenes Road) – El Pedroso – Constantina – San Nicolás del Puerto – Alanís.

Sevilla – Cantillana (on Brenes Road) – El Pedroso – Cazalla de la Sierra – Alanís.


Sevilla 105 km
Córdoba 111 km
Aracena 112 km
Monesterio 68 km
Constantina 25 km

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