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Villages in Sevilla

Albaida del Aljarafe

Villages in Sevilla

Albaida del Aljarafe

Albaida del Aljarafe is a town of the province of Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain. In 2005 it had 2.231 inhabitants. It has an area of 11 km² and it has a population density of 202,8 inhab/km². its geographical coordinates are 37º 25′ N, 6º 10′ W. It is placed at a height of 162 meters and at a distance of 20 kilometers from the provincial capital, Sevilla.

The history of Albaida goes back to the turdetanos (an Iberian village), those who called it  “Kaelia”. It was an important centre in the roman age, to the extent of coining its own currency.

Its current name is an etymology of what Moslems gave it, “Al-bayda” (the white).
After the conquest of Sevilla, it became part of the lands transferred to the infante Don Fadrique, later it belonged to the Cathedral Chapter of the Province, until in XVII century it became part of Count-Duke de Olivares dominion.

Albaida del Aljarafe Monuments

Roman Remains
Muslim Remains
Tower of Don Fabrique
Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción Parish Church
Vera-Cruz Chapel

Albaida del Aljarafe Gastronomy

Its cuisine the traditional aljarafeña, gazpacho (cold soup made from tomatoes, pepper…), stew “in colorao”, chickpeas with cod or “trompitos”, vegetable stew of peas, … Albaida also has a delicious confectionery: rosquitos (a type of doughnut), sponge cake or piñonate (a sweet with pine kernels). The village also has a seasonal olive factory, the stuffed olives with anchovy are the most delicious.

How to get there

This is the route to arrive to Albaida from Sevilla:
Sevilla – Camas – Tomares, Castilleja de la cuesta and Gines – Espartinas – Villanueva del Ariscal – Olivares – Albaida.
It starts from SE-30 and there you have to follow the instructions towards the villages specified until you arrive Albaida.

Distances from Albaida del Aljarafe

Sevilla 18 km
Huelva 85 km
Tomares 16 km
Badajoz 207 km
Espartinas 8,5 km

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