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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Albánchez – Medio Almanzora Region

Albanchez municipality is located in the region of the Medio Almanzora, in the north foothills  of the Mountain range of  Filabres and to the west of the mountain range od Damián, 80 kms to the northwest from Almeria.

Having an area of 34,84 sq kilometers, Albanchez belongs to the judicial party of Purchena, raising to almost 489 meters over the sea level, and it is surrounded by the neighboring municipalities of Cantoria, Arboleas, Lubrín, Cóbdar and Líjar.

Its territory is settled in a rough land, made in the secondary and tertiary ages, and made up of  paleozoic and metamorphic materials. There are plenty brushes of hawthorn, thyme and esparto grass.

The first news of Albanchez are that it was conquered together with other villages by an expedition that the troops of Murcia did in 1436.

Once finished the conquest of the kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Kings of Spain, Albanchez ended under the jurisdiction of the first Marquis of Vélez.

Thanks to the Book of Braces and Population it is known that in the 16th century, it consisted of  50 families and that its main activity was the agriculture. After the expulsion of the Moorish in 1570, it was repopulated in 1572 by 14 neighbors.

In the 19th century it already had 2.190 inhabitants and 500 houses, looms of coverlets, blankets, linens, flour and oil mills.

Its current main activityis still the agriculture. The industry is related to the transformation of the marble from the nearby quarries.

Albanchez Monuments

Roman Aqueduct
Old Flour Mills
The Encarnación Church
Archaeological Remains
Remains of the Cerro del Castillo


Gazpacho. Migas. Rice with rabbit.  Black pudding stew. Garlic marinated rabbit. Garlic omelette. Upside down potatoes. Garlic potatoes. Gravy meat.

The agriculture in Albanchez is characterized by the supremacy of the small property and by its dedication, mainly, to the olive tree, the grapevine, the vegetables, the fruit-bearing trees and the cereals.

How to get there

Leave from Almeria and take the road to Granada.  Pass Huércal of Almeria. Alleyway of Benahadux. Continue in A-92 and take the exit towards exit Tabernas-Murcia direction- N-340 ª. Pass near Tavernas. Alleywall near Tahal. Cross Alcudia de Monteagud. Alleyway of Cóbdar  and continue up to Albánchez

Distances from Albánchez

Albox 19 km
Líjar 6,5 km
Overa 34 km
Almería 80 km
Arboleas 25 km
Almanzora 14 km

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