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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada


Albondon village is located in the province of Granada, just 8 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea in a straight line or seventeen by the current county road. Altitude above sea level is between 850-960 meters.

Located in the southern part of La Contraviesa, parallel to Sierra Nevada, wich prevents the cold coming from the north pass through and reach Albondón, so the climate is mild and relatively mild winter with little rainfall and cool healthy summer.

The municipality covers an area of 3.581 hectares, bounded north with Lobras, Torvizcon, Cadiar and Murtas, east and south with Sorvilán and Albuñol.

Of Arab origin, known moments of splendor in the centuries of Arab-Andalusian culture, thanks to the efficient exploitation of agricultural resources, after the Christian conquest and the subsequent expulsion of the Moors were partially depopulated lands. Belonged to the dominion of the Count of Cifuentes until Albuñol separation in 1653.

A mid-nineteenth century, Albondón saw its population to reach 3.500, thanks to the production of wine and raisins, which were exported abroad from the ports of La Mamola o Rábita.

Today, like other villages near the coast of Granada, again thanks to regain its past strength-tropical agricultural development and land attraction.

Albondón Monuments

San Luis Church

Archaeological Deposits


Alpujarreños dishes
Sweets: A wide variety of arabic sweets make with almonds

Wines of the area

How to get to Albondón

Exit from Granada. Take the direction to Armilla – Motril. Pass near Armilla and Dúrcal. . Take the N-323. Pass near de Vélez de Benaudalla. In Salobreña take E-15 / N-340. Pass near Motril. Crossing Carchuna – Calahonda and Castell de Ferro. Pass near La Rábita. Continue in : A-345. Crossin Albuñol and continue till Albondón.

Distances from Albondón

Granada 95 km
Cádiar 19 km
Órgiva 42 km
Cojáyar 29 km
Albuñol 10 km
Lanjarón 51 km
Capileira 62 km
Vélez de Benaudalla 54 km

3 comentarios

  1. José Anivaldo Ximenes escribio:

    meu pai, José Jimenez Alcalde, nascido em 24.06.1911 natural de Albondon; filho de
    Torcuato Jimenez e Maria Alcalde. chegaram ao Brasil em 27.02.1914. gostaria de saber se existe algum parente [ familiar] para trocar informações.

  2. Tonia del Castillo Rubio escribio:

    hola mi nombre Antonia. mis abuelos paternos nacieron en Albondón. en 1882. Francisco del Castillo Martín.

  3. Aniceta Rodriguez escribio:

    Visitaré Albondón ya que allí nació mi padre….don Agustín Rodríguez Sánches.
    Llegó a Chile la primera década del 1900.

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