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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Albuñán, Guadix Region

The municipality of Albuñán is located north of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a little and friendly village surrounded by beautiful places where the last Sunday of May it is celebrated the Fiesta de las Flores, in which the marriageable girls pick up flowers and entertain to the future wife singing and dancing in her honour. In June it is organised the Ethnographic Exhibition in which it is recreated a market from the first third of the XX century and we can find farmers and livestock farmers dressed up with clothes from that period and market stalls with farm produce and singing and dancing with the traditional fandangos of this area.

Albuñán was an old Arab farm that after the Christian conquest was dependent of the bishopric in Guadix. According to the land registry of the Marquis Ensenada this village had a castle (nowadays it did not exist).

Albuñán Monuments

Parish Church (XVI century).

Archaeological Sites

You have to see the archaeological wealth from this area.

Town Planning

Irrigation Method (irrigation ditches) through the streets of the village.

Albuñán Gastronomy

Sausages (filling, salami-type sausage, hard pork sausage, blood sausage). Tarts of pringue. Grilled lamb. Encebollado. Oatmeal porridges. Stew of Tarbinas (a kind of sweet).

Aubergine cake.

How to get there

You have to leave Granada and take the Motorway A-92 towards: Guadix – Almería – Murcia. You have to pass near Lopera and take the Exit 288 – Purullena – Cortes and Graena – Beas de Guadix – Ciudad Troglodita – Cerámica Artística – Paisaje Pintoresco. Continue towards Purullena, cross Guadix and follow the signs until you get to Albuñán.

Distances from Albuñán

Granada 64 km
Esfiliana 10 km
Alquife 14 km
Guadix 10 km
Beas de Guadix 24 km
Alcudia de Guadix 12 km
Cogollos de Guadix 3 km
Minas del Marquesado 16 km

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