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Villages in Sevilla

Alcalá del Río

Villages in Sevilla

Alcalá del Río

The village of Alcalá del Río is located to 16 kilometres to the north of Sevilla, next to the river Guadalquivir. The closest municipalities to Alcalá are: Guillena, La Algaba, Burguillos, Brenes, Santiponce y Villaverde del Río.

Apparently the origin of the town comes from the Bronze Age. The town is settled down over the old Roman town called “Ilipa Magna”.

In those days it had to be important, since Estrabón quotes it minted its own money, from this time we can find many remains, among them the “cipo romano” that is used like a baptismal font in the chapel of San Gregorio Osetano, as well as the “muralla de la villa”. We also can observe other remains from the Visigoth Age, like inscriptions and other decorative.

The Muslims called this town “Al-Kalat-Criad-Al-Kibir”, from which the present name comes. During this time the town has another new splendour, and it only could be reconquered by its defender Fernando III, Axatal, left it.

In the XIV century it was occupied by the Marquis de Cádiz, after his fights with the Marquis de Medina-Sidonia.

An interesting fact is that it is used the same coat of arms than Sevilla according to royal privilege, given because it was royal guard of the river and rió defense of the port in Sevilla.

Municipality Monuments

Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción
Chapel of San Gregorio
Sculpture of Antonio Reverte Jiménez
Bank of the River Guadalquivir

Alcalá del Río Gastronomy

The gastronomy in Alcalá del Río is rich and varied. We can stand out from other typical dishes: the gazpacho, tomato soup, chickpea stew bare, bleak with tomatoes, tomatoes with cod, pork loin marinated, etc.
Desserts: torrijas, roscos sin molde and pestiños sevillanos.

How to get there

From Sevilla you have to exit by Luis Montoto across the N-IV until the SE-30 towards SE-020 and take La Algaba by the Motorway A-431, then continue until you get to the town.

Distances from Alcalá del Río

Sevilla 16 km
Cádiz 146 km
Ronda 152 km
Málaga 223 km
Córdoba 126 km

Alcalá del Río Town Hall

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