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Monuments in Cádiz

Alcala del Valle – Nuestra Señora del Valle Church

Monuments in Cádiz

Nuestra Señora del Valle Church

Nuestra Señora del Valle Church is located in the town center of Alcala del Valle, in front of the town hall.

This impressive religious monument of Alcala del Valle has three naves and is of baroque style. The main door leads to the central nave with canopy vault. To the right and left are the aisles, with smooth ceilings. Two pillars support the structure of the church. In the background is placed the altar, with a dome. In the right ship, next to the Altar of the Heart of Jesus, there is a small door that gives way to the sacristy and to an adjoining room, with exit to an old corral. Another small door leads to the catechesis room; and the third floor, to the meeting room, bell tower and roofs.

Nuestra Señora del Valle Church - Alcala del Valle

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