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Villages in Cadiz

Alcalá del Valle

Villages in Cadiz

Alcalá del Valle

Alcalá del Valle is located in a Valley, with an extension of 45.5 km2, at 654 m.a.s.l. of average altitude, in the Northeastern end of the Province of Cadiz. The Oriental limit of the town is as well the border between Cadiz and Malaga in this sector.

On the north of the town we find the mountain range of Mollina, the hill of  La Atalaya and the Tomillo stream; on the south the  town of Setenil; on the east the mountainous region of Ronda, and on the west the river Guadalporcún and Torre Alháquime

Alcala of the Valley has a special climate, as it is located in a stream-lined natural hollow, which warms up the typical climate of the mountain range of Cadiz formed by the union of the Atlantic and Mediterranean components together with the altitude and the entry of damp fronts from the Strait of Gibraltar . The population speaks about the “Solano”, wind known in other places as “The”Levante”, which blows from time to time and that coins the expression ” to be asolanao ” due to its supposed psychological effect.

The medieval founding of this town has its early stages in the surrender of the Arabs of Setenil to the Catholic Majesties in 1484. Some of the neighbors asked the king Fernando for permission to settle down in the vicinities of that place rather than in the location itself, provided that,  in spite of paying vassalage to the new owners, they received a humiliating treatment from the Christians of Setenil. Thus the mudejars ended up living in the springs valley of Fuente Grande, raising a village that was named, as today, Alcala del Valle.

In order to end the humiliations they were submitted to, they decided to convert to Christianity, and they built a church for that purpose. From then on the village began to develop with its land, though the fire of the municipal archives in 1903 has left few historical tracks. However, it is known that the village changed from belonging to the province of Malaga to joining the domains of Cadiz back in 1884.

The century of the lordships, the XIXth, sewed the injustice and the misery in the humblest stratums of Alcala of the Valley. The a solution to all problems was then seeked from the  fringes of the law, being born the phenomenon of the banditry, filling with legends the local chronicle.

One of the most famous banditries were those of the brothers Cencerrito and Choricito, real heroes to common people. Unfortunately their pathetic efforts changed nothing in the calamitous social situation to which even the neighbors themselves adapted to in the end.  Later on the worker´s movement and the anarchism came after, leaving also their traces.


Convent of Santo Caño
La Cacería
Dolmens of Tomillo de la Era
The Big Fountain
Nuestra Señora del Valle Church
Hermitage of the Cristo de la Misericordia

Alcalá del Valle Gastronomy

The agricultural and stockbreeding sector is the most developed among the local ones, being at present in development activities of horticultural manipulation, mainly focused on the asparagus of Alcalá del Valle, the raspberry, the cold cuts and the extra-virgin olive oil.

With these magnificent raw materials, marvelous culinary  dishes spring forth such as  the soups of asparagus, gazpachos, stews, and so on.

Routes of Interest

Prehistoric route – Itinerary through the for riverbed of Arroyo Cerezo – urban Route – Route of the White Villages

Distances from Alcalá del Valle

Sevilla 112 km
Algeciras 137 km
Arcos de la Frontera 81 km
Jerez de la Frontera 111 km

Alcalá del Valle

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