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Castles in Málaga

Alcazaba de Antequera

Castles in Málaga

Alcazaba de Antequera (Citadel)

The Alcazaba de Antequera (Citadel) is located in a small mountain, in the Andalusian town of Antequera, forming part of the historic town, near the St. Mary’s Roman Baths and the Arch of the Giants.

The Antequera Citadel is easily accessible from the city center and also passing in front the Granada Gate from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Citadel and its surroundings.

The Antequera Citadel is from Roman age and was during the Arab occupatin when it acquired importance.

Within the walls two enclosures are distinguished: on the one hand and occupying the top of the hill is the Citadel (Alcazaba), on the other hand we find a second ring, down from the Puerta de la Villa continued to the Postigo del Agua and the Puerta de Málaga (Malaga Gate), to rejoin the Torre Blanca.

As in most of Castles and Fortress occurs, here too the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower) is the most important part of the enclosure. This tower has an angular floor, you reach the vicinity crossing the Patio de Armas (on the 03/04/2009 was under restoration).

In 1582 a belfry temple was built in the tower to house the largest bell in the city of Antequera. United by a stretch of wall to the Torre del Homenaje is the White Tower (Torre Blanca).

From this temple bell in the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower) you can enjoy stunning panoramic bouth local and outstanding monuments and their surroundings.

As mentioned above, the Torre Blanca (White Tower) is linked by a stretch of wall to the Homage Tower, reinforced by two buttresses, surprised by the perfect execution of its factory ashlar.

Alcazaba de AntequeraThe White Tower has two floors above the height of the parapet and its differents rooms are covered with different types of brick vault. The interior is illuminated with small windows and arched horseshoe windows.

In the walls of the Antequera Citadel other towers and important construction are also preserved like Torre de Albarrama de la Estrella (Tower of Albarrama of the Star), Torre Torcida (Twisted Tower), Puerta del Agua (Water Gate), Puerta Cristiana (Christian Gate), the Algibe, etc.

The Antequera Citadel was declared a National Monument. Under the protection of the generic Declaration of the Decree of April 22 of 1949, and 16/1985 Law about the Spanish Historical Heritage. In 1993 the Junta de Andalucia gave special recognition to the castles  of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

Finally say the the visit to Antequera town is highly recomended. You will need more than a day to see all its monuments and attractions.

Antequera Citadel

Antequera Citadel

Antequera Citadel

Antequera Citadel

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