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Villages in Sevilla

Alcolea del Río

Villages in Sevilla

Alcolea del Río

The Sevillian town of Alcolea del Río is located in the concourse of the Corbones and Guadalquivir rivers, having an area of 50 km2 and a height of 25 metres above sea level. Through it crosses the Guadalquivir river. Limits with Carmona, Villanueva del Río y Minas y Lora del Río.

Its present name comes from the Moslem “Al-Koliah”, that means “the scaffolding”, little fortress. However the name that the villa had in the in ancient times is even an enigma for the most studious philologists.

In the area of Alcolea there are important archeological remains, because of the site in the area of two Roman villages, Arva and Canama, working on the fluvial commerce and the pottery, supplying to the transit with wine amphoras and oil between the Andalusia and the Roman Empire. The site of Arva is located in the area of “La Peña de la Sal”, and Canama in the area of “la Mesa”, to the north of the village.

Monuments in Alcolea del Río

Arva (roman remains)
Arabs Mills of la Aceñas
Fountain of Comendador
Chapel of Cristo de la Veracruz
Parish Church of San Juan Bautista
Canama ( a little remain of a primitive village)

Alcolea del Río Gastronomy

Sausages (hard pork sausages and blood sausages). Meat stew. Pepitoria (Fricassee). Chickpeas. Salmorejo marinero (a soup consisting of tomato, bread, oil, garlic and vinegar).Tinned food.

Sweets: Pestiños (Honey-coated pancake). Oil flat cakes. Ice creams. Sweets.

How to get there

Take the Autovia A-8005. Take the Autovia. A-3104. Run through Los Rosales. Take the Autovia SE-9001. Pass Guadajoz. Continue in the Autovia SE-129 and you arrive the town.

Distances from Alcolea del Río

Écija 67 km
Sevilla 47 km
Cádiz 176 km
Córdoba 89 km
Carmona 19 km
Lora del Río 15 km
Palma del Río 39 km

Properties for Sale in Alcolea del Río

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