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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Alcóntar, North of the Sierra de los Filabres, Almería

Alcontar Municipality is located on the north side of the Sierra de los Filabres on the border with the province of Granada. Amongst others, the source of the river Almanzora, in a landscape contrasting the barrenness of the hills, mountains and upland areas with the garden areas near the river.

Along with this we find the village with its winding streets and many crossroads, that always lead to tranquility and serenity.

Alcóntar was established as an independent town in the late nineteenth century, although the first settlers arrived in the town during the sixteenth century, with the knights of Don Juan de Austria, whose presence is reflected in a poem, of the oral tradition, tracing the beginnings of the town.


Iglesia Parroquial


Potaje blanco. Sopa de ajo. Migas. Olla de trigo. Gurullos. Gachas Patas de cordero estofadas. Hornazos.

Getting There 

Out of Almeria and take the road to Granada. Cross Huércal de Almería and continue on A-92A. Take Exit 362 – Gérgal East – Olula de Castro – Bacares
Las Menas – Seron – A-339. Cross Seron and follow signs to Alcóntar.


Almeria 90 km
Los Castaños 100 km
Olula River 32 km
Macael 39 km
Tíjola 19 km
Lucar 24 km
El Hijate 12 km

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    Buenas tardes, mi familia por parte paterna, bisabuelo Pedro checa, abuelo Emilio checa son todos desde 1860 y quizas tambien antes vecinos de Alcontar quisiera saber si la familia Checa sigue viviendo en el pueblo, un saludo desde Sevilla

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