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Presas de Embalse en Caceres

Alcuescar Dam and Reservoir

Presas de Embalse en Caceres

Alcuescar Dam and Reservoir

Alcuescar Dam was built in 1977 on the bed of the Ayuela River, municipality of Alcuescar, province of Caceres, Extremadura, Spain.

Gravity dam (enlarged) with a crest lenght of 549,60 meters, a coronation width of 3 meters and a height from foundations of 18,40 meters.

The Alcuescar Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Hidrográfica del Tajo and has a capacity of 2,723 hm3.

Uses of the Reservoir

Water Supplying (supplies the towns of Albalá del Caudillo, Alcuéscar, Aldea Cano, Arroyomolinos, Casas de Don Antonio and Montánchez.

Alcuescar Dam and Reservoir

Other nearby reservoirs

Ayuela Reservoir | Horno Tejero Reservoir | Boqueron Reservoir

Distances from Alcuéscar

Albalá 12 km
Carmonita 12 km
Almoharín 20 km
Montánchez 11 km
Arroyomolinos de Montánchez 8 km

Alcuéscar Municipality

Alcuéscar is located practically in the center of Extremadura on the border with the province of Badajoz, forming part of the Sierra de Montánchez Integral Association. With 2,554 inhabitants, Alcuéscar is the most populous municipality in this association.

The town is located between the Sierras del Centinela and Sierra de la Lombriz, marking the contact of the Sierras de Montánchez and San Pedro, and indicates the end of the peneplain to the south. The highest levels reach 696 and 698 m. The municipality of Alcuéscar is famous for the church of Santa Lucía del Trampal, a Visigoth temple that was built around the 7th century and has recently been restored and adapted for visits with an interpretation center.

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