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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Alfacar, Region of la Vega

Alfacar is located in the Region of la Vega, at a height between 915 and 1.200 Metres, in the southern slope of Sierra de la Alfaguara.

Alfacar has an extension of 16,73 Km2 and borders on the villages of Jun, Nívar, Víznar, Huétor Santillán and Güevéjar. These villages make up the mountainous zone of the northern depression in Granada, Sierra de Arana.

Alfacar is to 7 Km. From the Capital (Granada) and belongs to the 31 villages which make up the metropolitan area of Granada.
Its landscape is typical of a village at the foot of the mountain protected to the north by a big mountainous massif.

It is a Mediterranean-continental region, whose climatologically characteristics become more pronounced because of the presence of the mountain and the height.

Because of its height and cleanliness of the water, this is the favourite place for the entertainment of the ziríe monarchs, and for the tycoons of the Moslem Granada. Nowadays, when you get here from Cogollos and go down by the hillside of the Fontanares, that is full of holiday camps, you can find the oldest part of the village, you have the feeling that tradition was kept.

The origin of the name is Arab and refers to the potter’s workshops that were abundant in this area. During the Arab-Andalusí period, as well as the kilns of the alfacareños potters, there also were a huge number of bread ovens, and excellent handmade bakers who gave rise to a tradition that even remains; Alfacar is known as “the bakery of Granada”.

The geographer al-Jatib (XIV century) in his chronicles the Villa describes it like a place of entertainment to the wealthy classes in Granada, with big houses and sumptuous rooms.

In one of the gullies which we can find between Alfacar and Víznar, the Civil Guard executed Federico García Lorca.

Alfacar Monuments

Arab Baths
Hermitage of San Sebastián
Parish Church Asunción

Alfacar Town Planning

Small Square and Public Bath House
Fuente Grande.
Flour Mills and Ovens
Irrigation ditch of Aynadamar

Alfacar Gastronomy

White beans salad. Granadina soup. Granadina soup with rice. Stew of chickpeas and wheat. Broad beans with ham. Young broad beans in the granadina style. Chicken in the granadina style. Rabbit in the labradora style. Partridges with cabbages.

Sweets: Honey-coated fritters. Bread rolls. Buns made with lard. Flat cakes with nuts and dried fruit. Homemade bread.

How to get there

You have to leave Granada and continue via GR-NE-2. Take the crossing of Jun, turn left in GR-NE-26 / Calle del Puente Panaderos and you get Alfacar.

Distances from Alfacar

Víznar 3 km
Nívar 5,5 km
Guadix 47 km
Granada 7 km
Peligros 12 km
Güevéjar 7,5 km
Alquería de Fargue 8,5 km

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