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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Alfarnatejo is located in the northern part of La Axarquía, surrounded by the peaks Chamizo, Gallo and Vilo. This is a extraordinary place of Málaga, its complex orography and distance from the capital transformed these environs in a real home for bandits; being a part of a romantic legend.

The town of Alfarnatejo borders on Alfarnate to the north and east, on Periana and Riogordo to the south, and on Colmenar to the west.

Both for the proximity of its lands to the natural step that connects Málaga with Granada through Alfarnate, and the rough of its reliefs which surround them, it is probable that from the antiquity man found in these lands the path and at the same time a shelter. The archaeological remains found in the defile of the river Sabar place him in the Neolithic age.

Apparently during the Moslem dominion the tops of Alto del Fraile could be an ideal place to guard the pass in the area if there was a fortress known as Castillo de Sabar. Some historians think that the origin of Alfarnatejo was a farmhouse in the Moslem age which was developed beside that castle. In any case Alfarnatejo was united with Alfarnate, coming apart in XVIII century.


Church of Santo Cristo de Cabrilla
Archaeological Remains – narrow pass of the river Sabar

Alfarnatejo Gastronomy

The most typical dishes in Alfarnatejo could be:


Calf fried with garlic – Fried breadcrumbs – Cachorreñas Soups – San Marcos bread rolls – Stew with Chickpeas – Morrete of mushrooms (garlic, almonds, bread, and salt) – salads with herbs and garlic, etc.

How to get there

The best road to get to the locality starts from Málaga, where you have to take the Motorway A-45 (N-331).when you have left behind Casaberneja, you have to continue by the Motorway A-356 towards Colmenar, and to 10 kilometres enter the Motorway A-6118. Six kilometres further on you have to take MA-157, which leads to Alfarnatejo. To arrive Alfarnate you can also enter Alfarnatejo and the distance between both villages is fewer than five kilometres.


Nerja 59 km
Málaga 51 km
Granada 85 km
Vélez – Málaga 37 km




Town Hall

Alfarnatejo Town Hall

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