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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


On the southeast corner of the province of Seville, near the confluence with the boundaries of the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga and in the South Sierra lies the village of Algámitas, at an altitude of 423 metres above sea level and in a rich and varied natural environment. In the foothills of the Sierra del Tablón, at the foot of the Peñón del Terril and Algámitas Peña, at the beginning or end of the passage of Zamorano.

The municipality limits with Villanueva de San Juan, El Saucejo, Pruna and Almargen.

The total population in 1996 was 1,412 people, all residing in the only town which had the municipality.

The origins of this beautiful town, may be traced back to the Phoenician expansion across the Guadalquivir valley, though, and according to the thesis of Dr. Jerónimo Pou, the Peñón de Algámitas should be inhabited in prehistoric times because of the existence of a number of caves suitable for this purpose.

Its term is watered by the torrential “Corbones River.” The Town Council from Algámitas has bet to the tourism sector, relying on natural wealth and endogenous resources that nowadays demand worldwide and can be found in the term.

In this town e can find some festivals such as: A pilgrimage, the one of “San Isidoro” in May, and two fairs, the one of “Verano” and the “patronales of Dulce Nombre” celebrated in January.

The City Council based in the beautiful mountainous area that it has, (among them the highest point of the province of Seville “El Terril” with 1,131 metres), has created a stunning mountain resort area called “El Peñón”, provided the basis green line, low environmental impact buildings, and these are of stone and wood mostly just to remember the rustic environment that surrounds us.

Algámitas Monuments

Church of El Dulce Nombre de Jesús

Algámitas Gastronomía

Are typical dishes in Algámitas: “the pringá”, the porra algamiteña, meat with sause, gazpachuelo, breadcrumbs, porridge, gazpacho, etc.

How to get there

To get from Sevilla motorway A-92 to Osuna where we will turn towards El Saucejo by the A-351, once we arrived in El Saucejo we turn towards Algámitas.
To get from Córdoba to the Highway NIV to Écija in this town we have to take the detour to Osuna where we will turn towards El Saucejo by the A-351, once we got to Saucejo we turn towards Algámitas.

To get from Málaga or Granada the A92 motorway to Antequera where it joins the A382 which will take us to Campillos. In Campillos we have to find the exit towards Almargen, the you have to continue 8 kilometres until we reach a crossroads where we will turn towards the town.

Distances from Algámitas

Olvera 21 km
Ronda 50 km
Sevilla 102 km
Málaga 105 km
Córdoba 124 km
Granada 160 km
Antequera 62 km
Morón de la Frontera 39 km


Algámitas Algámitas

Algámitas Town Hall

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