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Monuments in Granada

Algarinejo – Church of Santa Maria La Mayor

Monuments in Granada

Church of Santa Maria La Mayor – Algarinejo

From 18th Century

The Church of Santa María La Mayor is located in the España Square, in the locality of Algarinejo.

The Church was built in 1779 by the great neoclassical architect Ventura Rodriguez. The church´s size is disproportionate compared to the number of inhabitants living in the town at the time the building was constructed.

The building´s tremendous size is as a result of the fulfilment of a promise made bt the 5th Marquis of Algarinejo Don Francisco de Puala Fernandez De Cordoba, accordin to a wall hanging in the tabernacle of the parish church of Algarinejo. The legend says that the Marquis was struck down by an illness and on the brink of dying; in his suffering he put his trust in Our Father “Jesus de Algarinejo”. Hi offered, if he was cured, to erect the best church he could. When later he was cured he subsequently fulfilled his promise, algarinejo-iglesia-santa-maria-la-mayor-campanariogiving over a substantial amount of his income for the building of the new temple.

The magnitude of the building was made possible due to the Marquis of Algarinejo possessing the largest fortune of all Noblemen (No Grandes) in Spain. It is said to have taken fourteen and a half years to build.

The church possess all the characteristics of a neoclassical building, by its austerity, symmentry and absence of decorative features. Consisting of 3 naves (aisles), of which the centra is the highest and widest, with their respective chapels and a large tower. The central nave forms a Latin cross with a transept and above is a dome. Various chapels can be found within the adjacent naves, separated by cruciform pillars which support large arches, and a large central dome formed of brick.

The main chapel is square with a triumphant arch in the middle and a half barrelled, vaulted ceiling. On either side of it opens the sacristy and the chapel of the Nazanere.

Iglesia Santa María La Mayor, monumento religioso en Algarinejo

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