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Monuments in Granada

Algarinejo Santo Cristo Chapel

Monuments in Granada

Santo Cristo Chapel – Algarinejo

The Chapel of Santo Cristo is located in the highest part of the village, from where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramics views of Algarinejo and surroundings.

Ermita del Santo Cristo de Algarinejo, monumento religioso en el municipio de Algarinejo, GranadaThe hermitage was constructed in the year 1730, this hermitage has a beautiful porch advocating “Santo Cristo del Calvario”. It is situated at the final station of the “Stations of the Cross”, which starts next to the Parish Church of Santa Maria la Mayor. In here we find a statue which represents The Lord in his Holy Tomb and which is shown great devotion.

The hermitage has a central aisle and small domes to the sides, where you will find amongst others the statue of “San Isidro Labrador” whom is much loved by the people on this village and in honour of him there is a festival held on the 15th of May every year.

In 1929 it was reconstructed thanks to a donation from the illustriuous son of this town the General Don Felipe Sánchez de la Cuesta y Navarro and his wife Doña Aurora, daughter of the Comandante Don Pedro Gutierrez de Castaneda y Caro and Doña María de Araceli Tallon Caliz. They paid for the restoration of this buildin as a gift in memory of their daughter María del Carmen, who a little time before had passed away at an early age.

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