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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Algatocín stretches from East to West through the hill that divides the rivers Genal and Guadiaro, among pines, chestnuts, cork oaks and holm oaks.

The town is located at the foot of La Sierrecilla, to 724 above sea level, in the mountain called “La Prontitud”. It arises to the valley El Genal, providing an excellent landscape with white houses over the hill of “El Fraile”, a rock sculpted throughout time that has the figure of a monk.

We do not know much about the origin of Algatocín, whose lands were occupied by the Romans, judging by the remains found in Cerrogordo that is nearby to the town. Everything seems to indicate, due to the association with the current name of the town, that it was founded by the Berber tribe Al Atusiyin, although Diego Vázquez Otero in his book Pueblos Malagueños, states that Algatocín “in the beginning was located in slope of the River Guadiaro. Moved to the small plateau that is located nowadays, it was residence of the princess Algotisa, daughter of a Moorish king of Ronda, from which the name derives”.

Later on he adds that apparently, the Muslim king’s name and princess’ father could be Abomelia, second monarch of Ronda. But this has not a historic confirmation, since the name of Algotisa, from which it could derive the name of Algatocín, is only based on the oral tradition. At least, its consolidation was carried out with the Castilian repopulation after the Christina conquest.


Nuestra Señora del Rosario Parish Church

Nuestra Señora del Rosario Parish Church - Algatocin

Hermitage of Holly Christ

This sanctuary was built by the villaje in 1996 over the remains of the old Ermita del Calvario

With a square base, the hermitage has a triangular roof crowned with a small belfry and bell. The road leading to the hermitage has recently been broadned and paved by students from a workshop school. It passes by a public laundry area and then follows a small path to the are known as Las Pilas.

The villagers see the hermitage as a place of hope, and it´s also become a meeting point for the young people of the village. From here you can contemplate some of the most beautiful views of the Valle del Genal (Genal Valley).

Hermitage of Holly Christ - Algatocin

Fountains & Springs

Town Planning

White town from La Serranía de Ronda, with narrow and steep streets that has its origin during the Arab Moorish Age.

From the XVIII century it is preserved fronts of ornamented houses with coat of arms.


Between the most typical dishes in Algatocín, we can emphasize the kid stews, the fennels cuisine, the rabbit in sauce, the by-products of the Iberian pork and the pan romano (wholemeal). We also can taste a huge variety of soups like the country or fresh gazpacho or the sopas cocidas (soups with bread and tomato with pepper, garlic and onion).
Regarding the confectionery you can find honey round plain cakes, jams, quince jelly, fried ring-shaped bread rolls, hornazos (a sweet and dry bread which is decorated with hard-boiled eggs) and suspiros (little pies with almonds and white), to which we have to add the orejones (dried apricots), pan de higo (a cake made of figs), cherries in brandy and the dried figs. In Algatocín we can taste the mistela (drink made of wine, water, sugar, and cinnamon), a delicious local sweet wine.

How to get thereAlgatocín Town Hall

From Costa del Sol, both by the Motorway AP-7 and the old N-340, you enter, on a par with Manilva, to the Motorway A-377, that leads us to Gaucín. In this town you link up with the Motorway A-369, that is the continuation of the A-377 and it comes out onto Algatocín. If the itinerary starts in Ronda, you only have to take the Motorway A-369 towards Algeciras, and to 30 kilometres from the town called Tajo you can see Algatocín.


To Ronda 29 km
To Algeciras 73 km
To Cortes de la Frontera 16 km
To Gaucín 8,5 km
To Jubrique 13 km

Genal Viewpoint

Genal Valley



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