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Algeciras – Maria Cristina Park

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Maria Cristina Park – Algeciras

The Maria Cristina Park is located in the town center of Algeciras, near the Murallas Merinies Archaeological Site.

The then called Paseo Cristina was built in 1834 in order to clean up and beautify the land adjoining the Fort Santiago barracks.The original design follows French garden patterns with straight intersecting streets.At that time the park was on the outskirts of the city, on the way to the cemetery.The fair was installed near it.

In 1911, the City Council, echoing the displeasure of the population who saw the only promenade in the city disappear, if licenses for construction continued to be granted, agreed to expropriate several private gardens and build a beautiful park that in 1929 was delimited making, in part of its perimeter, an enclosure with an iron fence, which frames what is now María Cristina Park.

Maria Cristina Park - Algeciras

Algeciras Town Hall

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