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Villages in Cadiz


Villages in Cadiz


Algodonales is a town located in the centre of the Sierra Gaditana, in Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos, at the foot of Sierra de Lijar, it is one of the biggest area of the region, with 135,5 Km2. It is near Jerez, Ronda and Sevilla. Algodonales is located in a crossroad with a enviable communications.

La Sierra de Lijar that is made up of Jurassic materials is got up in its highest top to 1.051 metres and gets into the Rivers Guadalete and Guadalporcún. It is full of water, inside it flows through underground courses and it flows outside in many springs. No less than 12, of fresh and constant water: La Higuera, Algarrobo, Alta, Higuereta, Cabeza, Chorrito, San José, Dornajo, Cristóbal Gómez, Zapata, Muela and Víboras (Pascual Madoz y Riera, Geographical Statistical Dictionary).

One of them called Algarrobo, located in the centre of the town, has 12 splendid golden jets that flow from time immemorial.

We have to mention the hillocks covered with olive trees and a wonderful valley. Algodonales has a fabulous location in the northern entrance of the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema.

The settlement of its present municipal district dates from the Neolithic period, from which there were found many remains in the caves Santa, Chamusquina and Castillejo. Later there were Iberian settlements that continue during the Roman period.

The occupation of the place dates from the XVI century, when the inhabitants of Zahara settle down due to the fertility of the lands and the plenty of water. It takes the name of the nearest crops.

Sacked and burnt down by the French in 1810, in 1817 it received the title of Villa by the opposition of its inhabitants to the Napoleonic armies during the War of Independence.

Nowadays it is internationally well-known because of the conditions the Sierra de Líjar has to the practice of paragliding.


Santa Ana Parish Church

Hermitage of Jesús Nazareno

Hermitage of La Virgencita

Hermitage of La Concepción


Public fountains and washing places

La Botinera Hill


Sausages. Gazpacho (cold Andalusian soup). Soups. Potajes (Stews). Asparagus.
Sweets: Gañotes. Pestiños. Pasta Flora.

How to get there

From Sevilla. You have to exit the Motorway SE-30 and take the exit Dos Hermanas – Utrera. Once you have passed Dos Hermanas, continue by the Motorway A-376 crossing Utrera, El Coronil, Puerto Serrano and then you have got Algodonales.


To Cádiz 112 km
To Sevilla 97 km
To Ronda 34 km
To Jerez de la Frontera 80 km
To Arcos de la Frontera 49 km

Algodonales Town Hall

Jesus de Nazaret Hermitage


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