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Villages in Almeria

Alhama de Almeria

Villages in Almeria

Alhama de Almeria – Sierra de Gador

Alhama de Almeria is located in the foothills of the Sierra Gádor, dominating from its Mediterranean rough mountainside the valleys of the Rivers Andarax and Nacimiento and part of Sierra Nevada. Placed against the Cerro Milano or “Cerro de la Cruz”, it has privileged sights that gave it the nickname of “mirador de los siete pueblos”.

It is the valley of El Andarax. It has been known like Alhama la Seca or Salmerón.

During many time its origin has been associated with the Muslim age. The recent find of Roman remains and the worship to the waters with special properties make to think in a Roman origin during the first centuries of our era.

We can easily recognize the marks from Al-andalus age: the layout of its streets, the baths of Arab origin, the remains of a fortress… After the conquest of the Catholic Monarchs in 1489, the taha de Marchena formed part of the domain Gutierre de Cárdenas, family of the king Fernando.

With the expulsion of the Moorish, the town was abandoned from 1570, being object of constant pillages by the Moorish taken refuge in the mountain ranges. Its repopulation, from 1573, was very difficult because it was in a dangerous area and without water, its fountains dried in 1522 due to the earthquake.

In the last quarter of the XIX century Alhama will have an important economic push. On the one hand, the contribution of labour in the mining areas. But on the other hand, the development of the agriculture due to the introduction of the grape growing in Ohanes. This economic development will favour the development of a farming bourgeoisie that will boost plans like the building of the spa.

Alhama de Almeria Monuments

Parish Church of San Nicolás de Bari
Hermitage of San Antonio de Padua
Hermitage of San Marcos
Las Cruces
Monumento a San Nicolás Salmerón
Monumento a la Emporronadora
Balneario de San Nicolás
Roman Bridge
Archaeological Sites
Zona Arqueológica de la Loma de Galera
Plaza de los Decididos y Casino
Casas señoriales
Casas cueva

Municipality Gastronomy

Sausages. Fritada alpujarreña. Choto al ajo cabañil. Cocina mareá. Olla de nabos. Liver and onions. Tabirnas colorás (potatoes stew with red peppers, onion and garlic). Salted porridge Gachas saladas (made with flour, tomato, peppers, garlic, fish and oil).

Sweets: Easter bread rolls. Soplillos de huevo y almendra. Buns with honey. Rosquillas (ring-shaped pastry).

How to get there

To get Alhama de Almeria from the Mediterranean Motorway you have to exit in BenahaduxHuercal de Almería (exit 448). Follow the N 304a until Benahadux. In Benahadux follow Gádor-Alpujarras until Alhama de Almería.

Distances from Alhama de Almeria

Gádor 11 km
Alhabia 9 km
Almería 26 km
Tabernas 30 km
Albolodúy 16 km

Parish Church of San Nicolás de Bari - Alhama de Almeria

Parish Church of San Nicolás de Bari - Alhama de Almeria

Parish Church of San Nicolás de Bari - Alhama de Almería

Alhama de Granada Town Hall Square

Square of Los Decididos

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