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Monuments in Granada

Alhama de Granada Carmen Church

Monuments in Granada

Iglesia del Carmen de Alhama de Granada

The convent of the Carmen has had a turbulent history and was built from 1589 and financed in most part by private donations and burial chapel sales. During the Napoleonic French invasion, the personal property was in part plundered with the desamortization ( sale of confiscated church lands ) of the early 19th century Mendizábal period, they were expelled and the cloister (the current Town Hall) passed to become public property. In the 1884 earthquake, it suffered much damage. In the interiors The Chapel of Jesús of Nazareth ( at present the Virgin of the Anguished ) is one of the better architectural examples in the town.

Extremely original in its  classical Baroque style as by its originality of its floor plan and technical complexity. Constructed entirely in stonework it is divided into two parts, the first of greater size has hexagonal forms and is attached to the main nave of the church. Thehead,  located at the end of the  nave, is covered by an edged vault and conserves in part a curtain in stucco that would have framed the now disappeared main altarpiece. Under this exists a burial crypt.

Behind the main altar is an extremely good representative work of Rococo, the chapel (recently restored): the square floor space covered with a dome decorated with a great variety of plant life, geometric and lauterano symbols, all realized in gypsum or stucco. The exterior of the church  presents a simple doorway of a half point arch with an eave and shield of the Carmelite Order in the upper part of the façade. The small tower was built in the 19th century. The cloister ( from the first third of the 17th century) is the current Town Hall, and was completely transformed in its interior, although the patio of the two porticoed stonework galleries has been retained with two floors that would have surrounded the old cloister.

Iglesia del Carmen, monumento religioso de Alhama de Granada

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