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Monuments in Granada

Alhama de Granada – Church of the Angustias

Monuments in Granada

Church of the Angustias – Alhama de Granada

The Iglesia de las Angustias (Church of the Anxieties) is to be found in Calle Angustias (street) in the granadina municipality of Alhama de Granada, barely a few metres from the la Fountain – Cano Wamba and the Prisioners Square.

This 17th century Baroque church has a Latin cross plan, the central nave is completely destroyed, there only remains the cover over the Cross: a dome over pendentives, with few remains of the original polychrome (with symbols relating to the passion of Christ of the Anxieties, nails and a crown of thorns, a cross and daggers).

Behind the altar there is a dressing room, partially collapsed. Annexed to the Church is the Brotherhood of Holy Charity and Refuge, linked to this church, which built a hospital to care for abandoned children and elderly people.

The Church has a single nave and, as he has been said previously, a dome over pendentives over the Cross. Here, within the Latin cross plan, can be found the sacristy and other ecclesiastical units attached to it. The shrine was constructed in 1762.

The rest of the Church suffered the burning of altarpieces and images, paintings and altars during the Civil War. Only a modest set of drawers, dated 1679, which is kept in the sacristy of the Church of the Incarnation and some paintings of little value have been saved. The church was closed in the post-war period and gradually decayed to become virtually a pile of rubble, especially since the end of the 1960s, when a heavy snowstorm caused the collapse of the entire roof.

Restoration of the entire church is pending.

Iglesia de las Angustias

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